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From here to eternity hans morgenthau on the bomb

Hans Morganthau was part of a wave of intellectuals who found refuge in the United States as Europe was coming apart at the seams with the rise of Nazi Germany. He is perhaps best known as the author of Politics

Ways to improve aerodynamics for timetrials –

Next generation TT bikes. Every year, bike manufacturers bring out a new time trial bike with claims to be ‘at least 10% quicker’. . . There is no doubt that the latest generation of time trial bikes have made improvements in

Detroit tigers news tigers trade mike fiers to oakland a’s – bless you boys

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Topless pools and beaches in miami beach

Alright, you’re watching a TV show. Think fast! What appears on screen to let you know the show takes place in Miami? That’s right! Beaches and pool-sides. Well—Okay, they’re probably just showing off the scantily-clad women at those locations, but

Wanted dead or alive, rossi ranch hand lever action pistol the santa fe good news

“The Mare’s Leg” It’s 1866 and Civil War veteran and bounty hunter Josh Randall strolls across the town square with purpose. He stops at the public bulletin board just outside of the town Marshall’s office and glares at a newly

The 1934 turkish pogrom against jews ~ elder of ziyon – israel news

Nearly all of the “analysts” from Europe, but also from a part of the United States, unanimously attribute the “current” situation in Turkey, connected with the Turkish-Islamic ideology in relation to other kinds of religion, to Erdogan, which is a

Silence (9) – story

"Uh… firstly, there’s Leighton Venturi. Even though he’s the oldest brother, he’s the most irresponsible. He’s been doing shady things behind my back – criminal shit. Gang fights, theft, scamming – you name it. There are no limits to his

Clotcare faq what is the d-dimer test

This question has both a simple and a complex answer. The simple answer is that the d-Dimer test is a blood test used to rule out active blood clot formation. If you have a negative (normal) d-Dimer result, that nearly

Naf commissions arms shooting range in bauchi – prnigeria news

The Governor announced this during the commissioning ceremony of an outdoor small arms shooting range and other projects recently executed by the NAF at its Base in Bauchi. The other projects commissioned during the event included 2 blocks of Commanders’

90 Day fiance before the 90 days recap – blindsided – reality blurb

My man Ricky is potentially getting catfished HARD in Colombia. As of this point, it appears as though Melissa is totally made up and that she is standing Ricky up on his “beautiful date.” Melissa has not shown up for

Reviews – reverse shot

The last scene in Desiree Akhavan’s sophomore feature The Miseducation of Cameron Post sees three teenagers wedged in the back of a pick-up truck, laughing. Their individual expressions settle into something less readable as they look back at the camera,

History space the legacy of fort ticonderoga

Thanks to one of the country’s earliest preservation efforts, the historic site continues to draw tens of thousands of visitors from around the world each year. In addition to the historic fortifications, the property consists of nearly 2000 acres of

Fixed vs variable-rate student loans in 2018 credible

To determine the rate for undergraduate loans, the Department of Education tacks 2.05 percentage points onto the rate for 10-year Treasury notes auctioned in May. The add-on for federal direct loans for graduate school students is 3.6 percent, while rates

Mara altman and virgie tovar discuss body positivity bitch media

Bringing Mara Altman and Virgie Tovar together made perfect sense: Both women are releasing books this month. Both women fundamentally understand that patriarchy is predicated on creating and upholding ideals that control, and in the process, oppress women’s bodies. And

I was the kid who will ruin your school year. belle of the library

As the library empties for two of our slowest months, I can’t help but reflect on my own childhood excitement as the school year approached. I suppose it’s no surprise that this present day librarian was unceasingly enthusiastic, kindergarten through senior

Best deodorant for women 2018 top 6 deodorants to stay fresh all day

Deodorant is a daily necessity for most of us, but with so many options littered and brimming in different drugstores, it can be tough to pick the right one. Well, for beginners, there’s antiperspirant and there is deodorant. The first