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C’mon, bongbong marcos, why would leni robredo have to cheat in her home province

I’m in pain, and loving it! else digong has nothing more to complain about, he, he, he. there are so many people in pain too, barely able to cope, in poverty and in perpetual agony. nawalan sila ng loved ones

Alpo dog food reviews, ratings and analysis

My Shetland Sheepdog is 10 and a half. She is my second Sheltie. My first one lived to be almost 13, before we had to put her to sleep. BOTH dogs would not eat any dry dog food except Come

Nigerians should not allow buhari rig the 2019 elections – thisdaylive

First, there was a rush to blame Lawal Daura, who I call the fall guy. Buhari cannot be exonerated from the excesses of the Nigeria Police and the EFCC. It is most shallow for anyone to blame only the former

H.s. football abington high reloads – sports – wicked local – boston, ma

"The kids we have coming back have worked hard during the offseason to be able to step up, and I think they can fit into those increased roles," said Kelliher after Monday’s practice. "I feel like they have really improved

Uber driver invite code huge free cash sign-up bonuses!!

UberSUVs are for large groups of up to 6 passengers. With this type comes a Sport Utility Vehicle, like an Audi A6, BMW 5 series or Mercedes Benz E-Class, that can have more than 6 total seats. Large groups find

Exercise on holiday

In 2014 I went on holiday 2 two weeks in Florida. I’d slimmed right down in preparation for going, eating sensibly, gone to the gym every day, and or the first time in a long time felt ‘bikini ready’. We

Passing bull 159 – yours sincerely with compliments

One of the problems of saying something ‘sincerely’ is like that which you may experience in saying something ‘honestly’ – what inference might your correspondent draw if you choose to omit the modifier? If you say that you are being

Merimee moffitt writer. poet. teacher. coach.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly kind and positive. Readers see their own world in literature, and my intention in creating the work was to sort through my feelings, emotions, and experiences with addiction. Though the large theme is

Better call saul season 4, ep. 3 recap a surprising breaking bad return

Jimmy and Mike are meeting at Mike’s usual diner where Jimmy lays out his plan for the “Bavarian Boy.” Jimmy tells Mike they can easily replace the valuable figurine in the copier office with the junk figurine he bought for

Horse racing news gold circle horse racing and betting

Preview: Most are first timers but here are the comments on the three raced runners. PIPPIELANGKOUS (8) debuted well and can improve to win. SEKUSHI GIRL (10) improved in her second start and must be considered for the shortlist. MUMTAZ

Possum sensualitease

He leaned in close, holding his breath until he was millimetres from her ear. Exhaling gently, his cock grew harder when she shivered. His breath, heat turned to ice crystals in the chill air, condensed on her lobe. Running a

Health problems in the doberman

Dilated cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle in which it becomes progressively weaker and enlarged. Eventually affected dogs die from heart failure. Early signs might include depression, coughing, exercise intolerance, weakness, respiratory distress, decreased appetite and even fainting.

The view from swamptown remembering the great swamp massacre swamptown

Back in the northeast corner of the Smith’s Castle property in Wickford lies the mass grave of 40 men who died as a result, directly or indirectly, of the Great Swamp Fight of December 19, 1675. This grave stands as

The other side

Guiliana had arisen the following evening before Mordred had, as was typical of her since her turning. The minute the sun?s rays began to fall below the horizon, Guiliana?s small frame began to stir, as if the coming moon whispering

Our products knit rite

What is it about? STRONGER is a fact-based drama that takes on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. On April 15, 2013, Jeff Bauman was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, holding a handmade sign in support of his

The splatoon 2 octo expansion review – prepare to grind! – tech girl

Splatoon 2 is my guilty pleasure. It is the game I fire up all the time because I love it. I’ve done a million videos, live streams and even blog posts about my Switch staple. When the announcement for the