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First ride rolling through glencoe on the new polygon xquarone dh – bikerumor

It turns out that we drove right past the trail system on the way into the lodge – it was just a tiny ribbon of trail cut into the side of a small but formidable mountain. Upon closer inspection, that

Lamborghini aventador svj review 760bhp prototype tested top gear

Total downforce at VMax is around 490kg, split roughly 40:60 front to rear. And it’s that split that’s the difference. The SV’s aero split was 20:80, and when you tried to drive it fast, you noticed. Without the aero pressure

( – New research, in mice, indicates that a natural sugar called trehalose blocks glucose from the liver and activates a gene that boosts insulin sensitivity, reducing the chance of developing diabetes. Activating the gene also triggers an increase in

Why are there so many injector timing settings

The injector pushrod rides on the cam lobe all of the time, there is no clearance the way there is with a valve pushrod. When you set the timing on the injector you are setting the static height of a

Raxiom mustang smoked led turn signals 390491 (15-17 all) – free shipping

Hey, what’s going, guys? Adam here with Today, I’m bringing you a quick overview of the Raxiom Smoked LED Turn Signals, available for all 2015 and newer Mustangs. In this video, I’ll be touching on the functionality and styling

5 Best window air conditioner reviews of 2018 air freshly

Some added characteristics also give an advantage to it: The AC is told by a temperature sensor on the remote control hot it’s in the room, a 24 hour programmable timer makes it possible to customize its program, as well

Chest freezer to fridge conversion-the most energy efficient fridge ever a self sufficient life

Plug the freezer in to the lead which runs to the controller and then this plugs in to the mains. No messing with the temperature sensor of the freezer itself, everything is external. No voided warranties or anything like that.

Carrie leitzman – wagner realty, homes and real estate for sale

Tropical Depressions are cyclones with winds of 38 mph. Tropical Storms vary in wind speeds from 39-73 mph while Hurricanes have winds 74 mph and greater. Typically the upper right quadrant of the storm (the center wrapping around the eye) is the most

Types of heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are devices whose primary responsibility is the transfer (exchange) of heat, typically from one fluid to another. However, they are not only used in heating applications, such as space heaters, but are also used in cooling applications, such

Lenovo smart display review a google assistant speaker with a screen – the verge

It’s designed to work sitting horizontally, but Lenovo put rubber feet on the end so it can sit vertically. Well, the hardware can, but the software hasn’t been designed to work when the Smart Display is in portrait mode (except

Crude oil rock and range futures magazine

Crude oil prices are stuck between a rock and a range with seasonal weakness, as well as the promise of more oil production, which is alleviating fears of a tightening global marketplace. On Friday, the market was looking for a reason

Lake winnipesaukee real estate lake winnipesaukee nh real estate

Located on Lake Winnipesaukee, “StoneRich” is perfectly situated on a protected cove of waterfront bliss. This estate boasts spectacular views of the Lake, Harmony Island, as well as the ski slopes of Gunstock Mountain Resort. There is 841 feet of

Bariatric weight loss surgery news and info – barix clinics

Ahh, fall—cooler temperatures, shorter daylight hours, fall colors, kids getting ready to head back to school, and fall produce at its peak. The fall season always feels like the start of something new, and after the laidback summer months, it

Chana magaj yudhikayumyum

Just a thought….I do get quite a few questions about my big red dot….well, I just got tired of those fancy ones and thought I would go back to the dots or ‘botus’ that my gran used to wear…I love

Instant pot homemade vanilla extract – dark and aromatic in minutes

I’m completely giddy and googly eyed over making extracts in the pressure cooker! For example: These Instant Pot Gourmet Vanilla Extracts (3 different flavors!) I’ve had extract ideas written down in my “awesome idea to get to when life isn’t

165 Turn signals – explain xkcd

Turn Signals are designed to flash between 60 and 120 times per minute. Most turn signals are driven by an electromechanical device. Due to manufacturing tolerances, battery state of charge, ambient temperature, and various other factors, two different turn signals