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Our guide to exploring the trendy maboneng

Why hide the kitchen in the back? That’s Oscar Farad’s take on grilling steak. Co-owner of the trendy inner-city spot says that the grill is the star of the show. An open kitchen takes up the majority of the space

Northern iowa – page 5

The kicker is he has said Eli Dunne has the physical and mental tools to be an NFL QB….yet he won’t play him over Bailey. Why? Who the **** knows. We’ve wasted two years of Dunne’s eligibility on Bailey. Dunne

Perk decks payday wiki fandom powered by wikia

Gaining perk points is simple – after earning XP, go to the Skills & Perks screen and view the Perks Deck tab (selected in the upper left). If you have earned any experience since you last checked the Perk Decks

Postgresql concurrency with mvcc heroku dev center

One of the big selling points of Postgres is how it handles concurrency. The promise is simple: reads never block writes and vice versa. Postgres achieves this via a mechanism called Multi Version Concurrency Control. This technique is not unique

Why stories about satan are still in fashion drew chial

I’ve always loved deal with the devil stories. From The Devil and Daniel Websterto Needful Things. There’s something about the whole situation I find appealing: the downtrodden hero, the devil incognito, the reality-bending bargain, the buyer’s remorse, and the last

Europese artikelnummering – wikipedia

De Europese artikelnummering, (in het jargon ook European Article Numbering, EAN) is een uitbreiding van de UPC-code. Hij bestaat sinds 1974 en lijkt de nieuwe wereldstandaard te worden. Vrijwel alle verpakte producten die in Nederland en België in de schappen

Best quality vegetable chopper to have in kitchen in review 2018 – fox review pro

Makes healthier meals and food preparation fast, easy and efficient with this vegetable chopper. This chopper is perfect for creating vegetable noodles, tasty, salad, fresh salsas, sizzling stir-fry. Moreover, you can make quick work of creating from fruit and vegetables

Poll did the carolina hurricanes improve this offseason

The Metropolitan Division is a meat grinder. In the five seasons since the NHL realigned into the current divisional structure, the Metro has produced 14 teams with 100 or more points, sent a team to the Stanley Cup Finals four – marine lights

From smart kitchen lighting to even outdoor lighting and decorations, LED lights are being used all the more for their great benefits. Halogen lights can also be used, but using an LED light for about eight hours a day means

News scan for jul 30, 2018 cidrap

The half-year report from the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) shows that the use of antibiotics in chickens and turkeys is now below the government-approved sector-specific targets developed by RUMA’s Target Task Force of 25 milligrams per

Small fish in a big con reflections on my first con as a creator – graphic policy

I started by ordering some extra copies of my graphic novels; I took my next step by cobbling together some bootleg signs that detailed my pretty low price points (especially for the first edition which sold at a lower rate

The wikipedia community – meta

It’s useful to try to quantify community, while at the same time being a lot like sorting drops in the ocean. The essence of community is encoded in the word itself: come-ye-into-unity. At the essential level, community occurs anytime two

The bunny guy common rabbit issues – house rabbits – indoor bunnies

The area where your rabbit lives and plays should be thoroughly bunny-proofed to keep him safe and to protect your belongings. Bunny-proofing is done three ways; remove the item, create a barrier to it, or cover it with something rabbit

Best popcorn maker 2018 – oil and hot air popcorn machines

It is designed with an on/off switch, so you won’t have to reach past a warm appliance to pull an electrical cord out of the socket to stop the popping. This model is easy to clean. The removable cover can

Picky eater veggie dishes how to get more vegetables into your diet.

Some of my fondest and earliest food-related memories are linked to my parents’ dinner parties. I did not attend them, but I was the one who witnessed the remains of them in the morning hours when everybody else was still

Hundertmark auction service

Machinery: IH 986 w/1086 turbo & exhaust, 18.4×38 axle duals, dual outlet open station, quick hitch * JD 4020 LP w/4430 wide front, 3pt quick hitch, single outlet, needs work, SN 142813, can run * IH Super M * 2