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Friendship games! – magical pony happiness theory – fimfiction

Flash Sentry observed the building in front of him with great thought. He knew that the inner area of Canterlot City was run down and a little economically depressed, but this was too sobering to bear. This is where Sunset

Smoking venison and deer meat venison hq

Deer meat smoking is the process of surrounding a piece of meat in a moist and smokey chamber while cooking it low and slow. The prolonged exposure to wood smoke allows the venison to absorb much of the flavor, giving

Free chicken experience hyperx cloud flight sky arrow headset evaluation headphone

If the HyperX is still the new face of the peripheral industry, then the mention of HyperX storage devices must be familiar to everyone. Hyperx has always been known as a global storage manufacturer, the hacker family of SSD, memory, flash

Free cast test prep – cast practice test (updated 2018)

A wide variety of employment opportunities exist in the fields of construction and skilled trades. Candidates seeking employment in one of these positions will most likely be required to take the Construction and Skilled Trade Selection System examination (CAST). CAST

Ford 8n tractor restoration and repairs

Everyone works at a different pace, and every project has different challenges, so there is no way to estimate how long it might take to do a job like this. It really depends on your schedule, mission creep, and how

Food industry weighs in on the definition of bioengineered – american recruiters

As with any legislative action, the devil is in the details. Following the lengthy debate that led to passage of the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (N.B.F.D.S.) in 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is working to finalize the regulations

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If you’re ever going through a stressful time, a walk around the Chicago Botanic Garden might be in order. I was overwhelmed and emotional recently, and I finally asked for help. My mother-in-law drove to Chicago to spend a week

Flesh – official darkest dungeon wiki

The flesh is a boss which appears in the Warrens, after the Swine Prince. Like other bosses, it has three variations (Inchoate, Unstable and Formless) and features 4 different parts that change each round, each of which has its own

Fitbit charge 3 – fitbit’s no.1 fitness tracker, now better than ever – fresh

Fitbit (NYSE: FIT), the leading global wearables brand, today announced Fitbit Charge 3™, the latest evolution of its Charge family of devices. Charge 3 features an elevated, premium swimproof design with a touchscreen display, 15+ goal-based exercise modes, essential smart

Fishing and thinking in minnesota

For years been wanting to get my two sons on Michigami. Finally happened. I gauged the walking according to what I figured they could do. This generally precluded fishing the best water (at the current water level). Three different days

Firefox 61.0.2 release information – ghacks tech news

Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Charlie Brown and many many others are animated cartoon characters from The Glory Days of hand-drawn animations. They all drastically went down in quality as artists got too expensive and computers

Fattened cattle how bad are they for your health the opinion pages

According to the Directorate of Livestock, approximately 4.5 million cows and buffaloes and 7.1 millions of goat and sheep will be scarified during Eid day of this year. Reports on television and in newspapers say that most of these cattle

Finally! an all-stainless steel meat grinder attachment for kitchenaid! (smokehouse chef) have you ben starr struck

I’ve gone through several meat grinders. Not because I break them or burn them out…but because they’re just not dishwasher safe, even if the manufacturer claims they are. And when you’re talking about grinding raw meat, sterility is absolutely paramount,

Fermentation equipment – cider school

Whether you’re making small amounts of cider at home or large quantities commercially, one thing is clear: you’ll need food-grade vessels to ferment and age it in. Your choice of vessels runs the gamut, from 1-gallon glass jugs all the way

Fall festivals in northeast ohio

During Hale Farm & Village’s Harvest Festival on October 6, the Hale Harvest 5K benefits InHale, an educational initiative that uses historic and natural resources to develop innovative programs that promote Family & Community Engagement and Health & Wellness. The

Episode guide – season five aug 2018

Karen is very upset that Diana’s gone. Mack is sure that Chip killed Ciji, and they put out an APB for them. Val is dogged by reporters. A “mystery man” helps her escape them. Abby is mad that Mitch is