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Maxxis ardent race tire – 29 competitive cyclist

It’s true that Maxxis makes its beloved Ardent tire in a 29-inch diameter. However, a common bit of feedback that the company fielded about the tire was that it just wasn’t quite fast enough to race on harder courses, as

Why potlucks are the perfect alternative to expensive dinners with friends

Some people are born to be entertainers and party hosts, but let’s admit that for most of us, planning parties can be expensive and a major headache. For those of us who do not want to break our wallets, a

Srinivasa kalyanam review srinivasa kalyanam telugu review

Satish Vegeshna and Dil Raju are back with another family entertainer Srinivasa Kalyanam which highlights the importance of marriage in every individual. The film’s result is crucial for Nithin who is reeling under pressure with flop streak and for Dil

Crazywars forums

Hello, all you crazy guys and girls (and whatever else you may identify as, we don’t judge)! It’s me again! Did you miss me? Maybe you thought I just gave up and moved to the north pole to become a

Some people are bothered by the fact that they are shorter. It is widely believed that by the age of 21 it is not possible to gain additional height, and you must make do with whatever amount of growth your

Burnt my fingers – this guy walks into a kitchen and…

I next did a taste comparison of the La San Marzano (their shortened name on the label) brand and two other canned tomatoes, Cento and Furmano. Cento is a premium brand which is frequently recommended to home cooks wanting to

Outdoor column anglers give scoop on most popular lines

If you were limited to one or two lures, which ones would you choose? Fortunately we are not limited and it helps to have a variety of lures for different species, different fishing conditions, and because it is kind of

Russell higginbotham to become new swiss re ceo reinsurance emea swiss re – leading global reinsurer

Russell Higginbotham has worked for Swiss Re for 24 years in roles across multiple business areas and geographies. Most recently, he led Swiss Re’s global Life & Health (L&H) Products Division, where he played a pivotal role in strengthening the

Planting the meat flag; a new way to look at turnover margins and explosive plays – bleeding green nation

To my delight, the consensus agreed that the old method of tallying only interceptions and lost fumbles didn’t tell the whole story. That gave me the motivation needed to create a new formula to broaden the scope while zeroing in

Korean bbq best kalbi marinade sauce on shelves today goghism

When I first opened this bottle of sauce I immediately thought of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, not really what I would normally put on a good cut of beef. To be honest I thought it was A1 Sauce for a second.

Extension@yourservice 4-h farm credit showmanship circuit north carolina cooperative extension

The 2018 4-H Farm Credit Showmanship Circuit season has begun! The Circuit is proudly sponsored by Carolina Farm Credit and Cape Fear Farm Credit. This funding is used to operate the Circuit. The county shows are in both Farm Credit

Planet with – 05 random curiosity

I’ve kind of given up on there being any sort of middle ground with Planet With. The audience seems to be mostly made up of those that love it (guilty) and those that consider it a wildly overrated mess. And

Video ufc featherweight chad mendes explains why he’s willing to sit out the rest of 2018 – bloody elbow

Top-tier UFC featherweight Chad “Money” Mendes made his return to the Octagon at UFC Boise, following over two years away from the sport due to a USADA suspension. It took all of two minutes and fifty-two seconds for Mendes to

Recap reds lose game, forget how to play sport redleg nation

Sometimes I forget how good Major League baseball players are at what they do. After spending hours fielding fly balls and grounders in high school, we would get to the game and still boot two or three plays in just

Why do you eat your meat raw eat meat. drink water.

When I first started a Zero Carb diet 21 months ago on January 1, 2015, I began with a wide variety of animal foods: eggs, cheese, butter, cream, bone broth, chicken, pork, and beef. All of it cooked. I really