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We need to do better barbados pride for me as a trans woman

On June 6, 2018, I participated in a press conference to launch a legal challenge that two other Barbadians and I filed against the anti-sodomy law. This British colonially-imposed statute is the worst in the Western Hemisphere – life imprisonment

We happy few trophy guide – playstation lifestyle

Trophy description says it all. Kill 100 NPCs in one playthrough. Every NPC can be enemy, so it doesn’t matter who you kill. Some weapons will only knock them out unconcious. Be sure to check their status to make sure

Walking all the streets of south(east)ern hawthorne

The present-day Schuler Shoes describes their history as starting with Vincent Schuler buying a shop at Washington and Broadway (a couple blocks further east) in 1889. Yet the vintage photo accompanying this information on their web page looks quite like the

Vox popoli deals with the devil

Tick tock, tick tock. That clock is ticking loudly as a chain of events and a metaphorical deal with the devil can bring down this entire media corporation and their now-struggling studio within the coming year. This one has been

Vilano villa – st. augustine stays

Because let’s be honest, you don’t want to rent just a home to sleep in during your vacation, you want to make it up to the kids for all the times you said you didn’t have time, you want to

Veggiesue’s veggie adventures ann and jane make zucchini bread

Since I’m forced to stay gluten-free or else my fingers swell up in the joints and get hot and inflamed (Don’t ask how I know, especially this past week), I’m using the Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 flour mix that Mary

Unique wedding ideas luxury wedding inspiration strictly weddings

Just like it’s the little things that make you fall in love with someone, it’s the little things that will make you fall for these rustic North Carolina riverside wedding ideas. If you’re one for a laid back, relaxed vibe,

Ubiquitous late-summer goldfinches wiscasset newspaper

Around this time of year, late-summer, fifteen summers ago, we went on a road trip to watch a nephew play on the Maine team for the New England regional championships of the Little League World Series in Connecticut. We were

Tying electrons down with nanoribbons berkeley news

Scanning tunneling microscope image of a topological nanoribbon superlattice. Electrons are trapped at the interfaces between wide ribbon segments (which are topologically non-trivial) and narrow ribbon segments (which are topologically trivial). The wide segments are 9 carbon atoms across (1.65

Tracking tools identify regional hubs of whale shark activity south africa today

Whale sharks ( Rhincodon typus) swim about 25 kilometers (15 miles) per day and can make some tremendous long-distance oceanic movements. Scientists recently tracked a female whale shark from the eastern Pacific to the western Indo-Pacific for 20,142 kilometers (more

Top face packs, face masks to treat, clear pimples

Neem is the name given to Indian lilac which has its medicinal value which also eradicates inflammation over the skin layer. The combination of turmeric with neem can easily remove impurities from your skin and help removing pimples as well.

Top 5 best smoothie blenders in india top best reviews india 2018

A good smoothie blender should ensure that the smoothie is perfectly textured and packs all the nutritional benefits. It should be promising in the long run with its efficiency and durability. This article has a brief review on the top

Top 10 high school fundraisers

The good news is that high school students are much better at fundraising than middle school students. By this age students are typically only involved with clubs, teams or organizations that they have a passion for. And passion goes a

Top 10 black comedy anime (ft. todd haberkorn)

Aww, young love, Nothing but an endless series of awkward interactions and misunderstandings. Though it’s fair to say that Rea and Chihiro’s relationship goes well beyond gentle blushes. Long story short, after falling to her death, our heroine returns as

Log homes for sale in berks county, pa ~ jeffrey hogue

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Eastern and Central Europeans, including Swiss and Germans, came to America bringing along their knowledge of log home construction. Even the Scotch-Irish, who did not possess a log building tradition of their own, adapted the form

Toolshed prospects in need of strong finish

Twins SS/2B Nick Gordon, Triple-A Rochester: Minnesota sent its No. 3 prospect back to Double-A Chattanooga to begin the season in what looked like a passive move, but ever since he made the jump to Rochester on May 22, it’s