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British post office buildings and their architects an illustrated guide – british post office architects and their buildings

This resource is primarily concerned with documenting the purpose-built urban British post office building. Facilities provided for post office services in rural areas are excluded as these are for the most part adaptations of existing premises. Included, however, are conversions

The affair season 4 episode 10 recap finale

The Affair Season 4 Episode 10 Recap Finale – The introductory montage to episode 10 of “The Affair” is a blur of the series history. Alison kneeling before son Gabriel’s grave. Ben arriving unexpectedly at Alison’s house during a storm, becoming

5 Scientifically backed strategies that will help you stop overthinking everything success in the workplace

This is a classic example of “overthinking” or what we in the psychology field refer to as rumination. Rumination is a cognitive process characterized by intrusive, repetitive thoughts and images. While some may find it useful to analyze past situations in

How to install and run android apps on ubuntu with anbox – laptopninja

For many years now people have been trying to find a way to run Android apps on Linux. In many ways, it may sound like something that should be easy to do. After all, Android is based on Linux, so

Are you looking to make money off of penny stocks

Each month over 120,000 new people are searching online for penny stocks. This has been a nightmare for the SEC to try and monitor. People are sucked in by the potential of turning a few hundred dollars cash into millions. Just

How udacity decides what subjects to offer courses in (and why it isn’t doing new university partnerships) edsurge news

Shen: There are multiple factors that we look at. We look at: what are the most in-demand jobs that we’re seeing data around—whether it’s industry reports, the McKinsey reports, and so forth. Our partners now inform a lot of that

September preschool curriculum – sunshine house preschool

September is traditionally a month of beginnings. New children have joined our program, replacing the kindergarteners we said good-bye to. Over the summer we have transitioned our children into their older groups and higher learning demands…they are ready! We know

Sun basket in the news sun basket

To help keep a lid on costs, Sun Basket, whose meal kits target health-conscious consumers, has gone so far as to set up a Midwestern distribution center in a converted limestone cave—a cheaper way to keep its products cold than

Machine learning techniques for fraud analytics, part 2 threatmetrix

Third-party fraud occurs when your customer is an unsuspecting victim of a fraudster who takes over the account. This is far more challenging from a machine learning perspective because the bad definition is not static. Fraudsters adapt. In fact, they

Why we should train workers like we train machine learning algorithms

The evolution of workforce opportunity in the United States depends on the future of education and our commitment to far-reaching, equitable federal reform. Unfortunately, policy conversations at the federal and state levels about transforming education systems to meet future workforce

Good communication skills – law officer

Undoubtedly, the most important concept he taught me was the fact that the most used and powerful tool you possess is your mouth (or to be even more accurate, your communication skills) and how you use them. Good communication skills

Android emulation nintendo – androgaming

A little known fact about the original NES is that back in the day, there were couple of peripherals bundled with the system, at least in Japan, including BASIC cartridge, full add-on keyboard and tape drive to record the programs

Animal dental training center veterinary dental continuing education course descriptions

• In the event of a cancellation you may also send a substitute from your practice. Due to the limited number of spaces available requests for full refunds will be honored only if received at least 21 calendar days prior

Tour the revit 2019.1 new features in the latest release – revit official blog

Two Revit 2019.1 new features significantly deepen workflows with Autodesk BIM 360 project delivery and construction management software. When you first start up Revit 2019.1 you’ll notice how the new Revit Home screen makes it easier to navigate to and

The 50 best food websites the independent

This artisan ice-cream parlour in North London’s Tufnell Park is at the forefront of the trend for properly made ice cream and wonderfully inventive flavours. Drop in for a scoop of salted caramel, damson with sour cream or lemon ripple

Marmalaid of apricocks, a case study in heat cooking in the archives

The early modern hearth and the modern gas stove are rather different technologies for controlling heat. Again and again in my recipe recreation work , I encounter complex instructions for managing cooking temperatures on a hearth and try to translate those