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Summer day camps

The Summer Adventure Program offers six weeks of discovery and exploration for children ages 5-9. Summer Adventure meets Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30-12:30, with a different theme each week. Each week includes hands-on activities, outdoor exploration, and a fun mix of history,

Development systems a changing industry brings greater access – electronics maker

For some, electronics has been a hobby; some of these hobbyists work in the industry and develop gadgets outside their working hours while others simply do it as an activity they enjoy. However, recently the landscape has changed and there

Recommend me a new meal to learn to cook – page 2

That sounds like a meal a Zimbabwean lad I used to know ate all the time (I mean nearly everyday in some form). He called it sadza.Sadza and savoury sauce is a staple in Southern Africa. For the poorest people

Our history donate sickkids foundation

A genuine metropolis – as bustling Toronto was fast becoming – was in need of a more suitable children’s hospital. With John Ross Robertson, publisher of the Evening Telegram, at the helm of the Hospital’s Board of Trustees, the Hospital

Does reiki really work

A traditional Reiki whole-body Reiki treatment would go like this: The Reiki practitioner has the patient lie down and relax on a massage table, and then helps bring the patient to a clear and more peaceful state of mind. The

How to copywrite for users and search engines instantshift

While users should always be your primary audience, copy is still one of the most fundamental elements of search engine optimization, or SEO. That means that in addition to writing copy that makes sense to website visitors, you’ll need to

Bleachers without the shadows, there is no light the aquarian

Jack Antonoff’s narrative is often a familiar read in most large-scale publications: “Who is Jack Antonoff, the hit-maker behind pop greats like Taylor Swift and Lorde?” or “You may not know him, but you know his music.” It reads as

Apple inc. – wikipedia

Företaget sålde 200 enheter av sin första datormodell Apple I. År 1977 lanserades Jobs och Wozniak andra datormodell Apple II som blev en stor succé på hemdatormarknaden och gjorde Apple till en viktig aktör på den växande marknaden. Apple nådde

New school of music – georgia’s leader in music education since 1997

New School of Music was founded in 1997 by music educators Rick Smith and Robert Trocina in Tucker, Georgia. 20 years later, New School of Music has grown into Georgia’s Leader in Music Education. With full service music centers located

Mindful brains, by emma twait and tzipi horowitz-kraus plos neuroscience community

In the world with so much buzz around us, it can be difficult to unplug from work and not think about the never-ending list of things to do. Stress accumulates…. If you can relate to these statements (let’s be honest,

Javascript books

This full-color book will show you how to make your websites more interactive and your interfaces more interesting and intuitive. THIS BOOK COVERS: Basic programming concepts – assuming no prior knowledge of programming beyond an ability to create a web

Low-carb diets are not good for you – veg network

Low-carb fad diets such as Atkins, Keto and Paleo have gained a lot of attention (and sales) from the general public, hungry for solutions to our ever-growing obesity problem. The basic premise is the same – cut right down on

2017-2018 Kossack academy homeschool curriculum –

Please keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of curriculum options to choose from and this was my first year as a homeschool mom. I do not pretend to know everything or even what’s best. Speaking of

Happy and learning environmental education at seaton – hillrag

“It’s good for shade, sitting with friends and talking or play games. Or you can sit by yourself and write something personal in your diary,” said eight-year-old Gabby while talking about her experiences in the River Garden at Seaton Elementary

Advice from my 40-something self to my 20-something self just words

• An excellent set of knives. When the Cutco Guy shows up at your door sometime in 2002, make sure you let him in. Yes, the price is outrageous, but good tools cost money. No, you can’t afford it –

Monday morning music sharing songs and worship ministry experiences j. brian craig

This year I have really meditated a lot on letting go of stress and anxiety, “ casting all my worries on God,” and I think I’ve been doing better with it. (Last fall I realized I was carrying a lot