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D2l fusion 2018 product improvements and potential signs of addressing challenges –

This year’s D2L Fusion conference in Houston carved out a space somewhere between the carnival atmosphere of InstructureCon in Keystone and the subdued feel of BbWorld in Orlando (note: we plan another post on each of these conferences to share

Major in sociology sociology and anthropology georgia southern university

The B.S. Sociology program at Georgia Southern University strives to provide students with a thorough and empirically grounded understanding of the social world. Such an approach is founded on a mastery of theory, method, and practice. Sociology majors are given

Avial vegetarian healthy yummy kerala food

Kerala is a state in South India on the Malabar Coast. It was formed on 1 November 1956 following the States Reorganisation Act by combining Malayalam-speaking regions. Spread over 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi), it is bordered by Karnataka to

The ultimate guide to brand awareness gregory ware digital marketing blog

Brand awareness establishes that brand trust. When you put a proverbial face to your brand name, consumers can trust easier. Brand awareness efforts give your brand a personality and outlet to be sincere, receive feedback, and tell a story. These

Clear lake elementary

Kids love our all-school assemblies and we had another one today-Friday- to recognize academic achievement, perfect attendance, self-managers and students of the month- and to kickoff our Read-a-Thon. Students have packets so they may begin reading over Spring break and

Academic uses technology to close the achievement gap – higher education

“My approach in creating this app was that I realized how much time students spend on their telephones and that their telephones are always with them,” says Pérez in an interview with Diverse. “For example, they might forget their textbook

The 3 core event management challenges – blog

There are three core event management challenges confronting enterprises running multiple events, many of which often overlap on the calendar. A multi-event app platform can resolve these issues, bringing expected and unexpected efficiencies into any meeting ecosystem. Let’s take a

Stop doing that for your kids! – yourmodernfamily

A few weeks ago, our son had some friends over… less than a handful of his closest friends. We went out to eat and then we came back home and had their snack at our house (it was a little birthday gift

Best play-doh sets for kids reviewed in 2018

Fans of Disney Princess will love this castle playset. Closed up it looks like an enchanted castle but inside it’s much more. The set was designed to allow your child to make princess dresses and accessories. Three of the Disney

August 20, 2018 council of michigan foundations

Richard Burns, president and CEO of the NHP Foundation – a national nonprofit that works in affordable and sustainable housing – is defying the odds in attracting and retaining an engaged millennial workforce. In a new article, Burns says NHP

How to write a disclaimer for a novel, website, or blog hubpages

Heretofore and unto now, this blogger hosted weblog has had to rely exclusively on the blanket disclaimer provided for the corporate body of blog*spot addresses. While this kind of disclaimer is usually sufficient to protect a blogger from liability, it

Love is in the air at n seoul tower and namsan park my yellow suitcase

I kicked off the day with some breakfast before going to Geongbokgung Palace and National Museum. I have allotted my whole afternoon to see the N Seoul Tower because I wanted to witness the metamorphosis of the mega-city at dusk. (I

The view from fez morocco and the english language debate

Almost 400m people speak it as their first language; a billion more know it as a secondary tongue. It is an official language in at least 59 countries, the unofficial lingua franca of dozens more. No language in history has

Ambassador education solutions powering course materials

We custom-design your online bookstore website branded with your logo and colors. Students can easily login to your online bookstore or leverage one of our Single Sign-On options 24x7x365 to view a list of required and optional materials, place their

Five ways to cook asparagus (and other recipes) the art and practice of making dinner headbutler

“Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (and Other Recipes): The Art and Practice of Making Dinner” is exactly as described. Five types of foods to keep in stock in the larder (dairy products, greens, olive oils and vinegars, breads, and fruits).

News – the anglican school googong

As I reflect on the learning taking place at Googong, there are many occasions where I see evidence of deep learning, where through the process of experiencing and reflecting, imaginations are captured, and a student’s thinking shifts from the familiar