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Minimum temperature wood floors can handle – wood flooring

Q: We have a home in NC that we do not live in during the winter months. There are hardwood floors throughout the home. We do not want to pay high heating bills since the house is empty, but we

Plant steam vs. culinary steam vs. pure steam what food manufacturers need to know stellar food for thought

2. Culinary steam — This is steam used for direct injection into product or to clean or sterilize product contact surfaces. Culinary steam typically contains additives that prevent corrosion and scaling within boilers, so it is often filtered before coming

Some fall-out from the clara ponsati affair the nation said no thanks!

On 12 July, I wrote a blog post entitled Scotland-Catalonia update – the first minister, the president, the professor, and the lawyer. It was prompted by a meeting between the first minister and the president of the Catalan Generalitat, Quim Torra.

A shellac tragedy ian benjamin

After I handed the Mini-Hutch back to the girlfriend, she was very pleased. I didn’t mind basking in her pleasure, but I knew that the finish was not the quality it should have been. I put on one (or maybe

5 Medical specialties you didn’t know existed – the do

Health systems have a growing need for doctors who can treat these problems as new therapies— projected to rise from 47 agents to more than 70 by 2020—enter the market. “I receive about 250 emails from around the world every

Body water percentage healthcare-online

Majority of weight in a human being comes from water in the body. Water is fundamental for most, if not all, living things. It also plays a major role in the chemical reactions taking place in the human body. Body

Moving sucks

After my divorce in 2003 I gave up our house by deed-in-lieu-of foreclosure. I was hammered hard by a judgement that I pay a substantial amount of spousal support for 7 years. Why in a childless marriage? A looong story.

Experimental modules in drupal 8

Since the release of Drupal 8 in November 2015, Drupal core has scheduled minor releases every six months. Experimental modules allow core contributors to iterate quickly on functionality that may be supported in an upcoming minor release and receive feedback,

Falcons training camp 2018 everything you need to know, from a to z – the falcoholic

Players sign autographs after camp practices that are open to the public, so come prepared. But remember: A is also for Ass, as in don’t act like one when players are signing autographs. I’ve seen grown men push little kids

Ten family trips to take in romania this summer

This year, when Romania marks 100 years since the Great Union, Alba Iulia, the place where the union was sealed, should be on the to-visit list. The restored Alba Carolina citadel is a good place for both children and grownups

Bread an all-year option food the journal gazette

My oven is getting dusty. It’s only reasonable, of course, that I am reluctant to turn it on in the summer, when all it does is add 20 degrees to the inside temperature, causing my old air conditioner to work

10 Appalachian students honored for academic, service and leadership excellence appalachian today

Matt Dull, assistant vice chancellor for finance and operations in Appalachian’s Division of Student Affairs, far left, and J.J. Brown, vice chancellor of student affairs, right, pose with Jon Garst, who is an Appalachian senior double majoring in finance and

Does cleaning turf with uv light work – pprc pprc

Artificial turf, an increasingly common surface in urban and suburban spaces due to its low maintenance and water requirements, presents risks of causing MRSA infections. Turf fields, which both absorb bodily fluids and cause cuts and abrasions, can create environments

Is employee motivation important for performance – training station

When looked upon the first time, the link between employee motivation and performance seems to be quite obvious. That’s because every time when we deem a task to be important and valuable to us, we act with a high level

What the trade deadline might have revealed about matt harvey’s signability – red reporter

When the Cincinnati Reds acquired right-handed pitcher Matt Harvey from the New York Mets in exchange for catcher Devin Mesoraco on May 8, the objective was clear: Take a former Cy Young challenger and World Series starter who has been

Bid farewell to monsoon skin – care woes with natural paroducts everyuth naturals

The change in weather calls for a much needed change in the skin care routine as well. If you have dry skin, you may experience over-drying during this season because the humid air may cause your skin to dehydrate. For