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Line marking is an essential part of a road and other places. It is a way of making sure that vehicular accident will not happen and drivers will remain vigilant. Line markings can be found in many areas such as

Category cleansing – association of independent readers and rootworkers

We will perform Spiritual Cleansing Spiritual Cleansing, also known as Spiritual Bathing, can positively affect your spiritual, mental, and emotional nature by removing negative elements you may be carrying, either as a result of mundane accumulation, or via the hurtful

Business and academic partnerships connect the skills – workforce

“Higher education has been conflicted in terms of its role and relationships to meeting its mission, and how that intersects with being useful in the current skills and knowledge needs of corporate America,” said Maxey, founder and CEO of MindMax,

Building a better thermostat with home assistant

My next idea was to implement a form of robotic control to turn the dials on the AC unit. While this would have been really cool to see in action, it didn’t feel like the most reliable option. The knobs

Bubble – zelda wiki

A Bubble is a spirit in the form of an animated skull with fire surrounding it, sometimes also depicted with bat-like wings that it uses for flight. In many games, the main threat behind the Bubble is the curse they

Breaking the repetition factor in worship thinking out loud

What bothered me in this thread was how some of the reasons for not wanting to trim some songs (in attempts to accommodate many people’s comfort-levels in the church body) came across as rather snobbish or selfish even. And musical

Breaking bread dining with the di meo family in scauri, italy national geographic traveller (uk)

Scauri is a district of Minturno, the last coastal town before the region of Lazio becomes Campania. It’s taken two and a half hours to drive here from Rome. Later, during lunch, Filippo laughs and shakes his pinched fingers at

Boku no hero academia – 57 random curiosity

This week, rescue operations are the name of the game, and the HeroAca crew does a good job of showcasing the parts of a hero’s job that couldn’t be smoothly swapped out with every other shounen action series. Luffy might

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One common mistake we can make is cutting a lawn too short. “If a lawn is cut too short, it reduces the plants’ ability to produce energy for growth. When cut at the proper height, however, grass develops stronger roots

Blitzkrieg martha marcy may marlene explanation – taylor holmes inc.

It drives me bonkers that I am only one person! Gah. I have so many movies to talk about, and unpack, and talk with you all about that I just can’t get to them all. So I’ve decided that I’m

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One somewhat logical explanation, honestly, the only one I can think of right now, is that because a shrimp sandwich like the one above is consider by many (myself included) to be the most luxurious and by default any reputable

Bleeding heartland

In sports, we call them unforced errors. In real life, we call them dumb stuff that someone thinks is a good idea. I’m talking about decisions that, when implemented, leave most people scratching their heads wondering why we ever made

Blackfoot maps the kingfisher fly shop

There are about 51 miles of river here that constitute Hwy 200. Eventually the Blackfoot dumps into the Clark Fork River about 7 miles east of Missoula. Beginning near the town of Ovando, both Harry Morgan and River Junction accesses

Birding news @aba

Yesterday, I was working close enough to Hatfield Swamp to take some time to try to re-find a reported Black-headed Grosbeak. I spent about two hours along the gravel road under the powerlines starting at the composting facility and going

Big ten power rankings a new season begins – the crimson quarry

Congrats on not starting in last, Rutger! Chris Ash’s crew had a strange 2017 in which they had 3 Big Ten wins (including a 14-12 barn burner over Purdue) yet still finished 4-8 thanks to an early loss to Eastern

Better know a freshman dominic livingston – and the valley shook

We’ve talked extensively about O’s desire to beef up the LSU lines. It’s a strategic point of emphasis for Orgeron. And we’ve talked about how, while Miles didn’t disregard size, he trended toward valuing more mobile/athletic prospects over bigger/stronger ones.