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Creative blog names

• Celebritology – Appending the suffix ‘ology’ to a blog’s core focus is a quick way to create a clever sounding and unique name, especially if the resulting word is not already in existence and you actually end up with a

Crammed schedule leads to legacy scholarship – des moines university

L indsey McDaniels says she tends to “function better” when her schedule is “crammed,” and the evidence is clear she’s firing on all cylinders. The 2018 physical therapy graduate has been highly engaged in service, leadership, interprofessional education and research, all

Another crisis (ants) page 3 tortoise forum

Click to expand…I live in south Florida the land of fire ants! Yes, Amdro is the best but its still poison. There are two other methods to try before poison, try taking ants from one pile on a shovel and

Confessions of a club soccer player i love to watch you play

Years went by – I was finishing middle school and starting high school – and somewhere along the line I lost the sport that was my passion; to coaches, to parents yelling on the sideline, to teammates who put soccer

Commotion in the pews

Last year I taught a couple of classes at the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) conference. One was on basic patrol/crime scene and the other was on weaponry. I told both classes that they had homework: watch Live PD for

Commissioners to 38th general assembly approve pastoral letter on human sexuality, re-elect stated clerk, propose commissioned pastor revision – epconnection

Recommendations that were approved include a Pastoral Letter on Human Sexuality, the re-election of Stated Clerk Jeff Jeremiah to a new three-year term, proposed changes to the role of Commissioned Pastor, and more. Commissioners also welcomed seven new churches to

Colorado state lodge f.o.p.

The issue of what constitutes a hostile work environment is very complex. Each case is dependent on specific facts and incidents giving rise to the claim. This article is designed as a primer on this very complex area of law

If you make it through a misfiring first half, a rewarding home stretch awaits in revived short-play festival nc 10 by 10 theater indy week

It’s understandable if the theater community thought twice before reviving 10 by 10, an annual festival of ten-minute plays, when it went dark in 2016 after a fifteen-year run at The ArtsCenter. As we reported at the time, founder Lynden

Every sunday morning chris and maggie hostetter

Every Sunday morning, the Pal believers gather to worship together and listen to the missionaries teach God’s Word. Then, after a short break, Pal unbelievers gather to hear the Pal believers teach God’s Word. It’s an amazing sight: men who,

Cinematographer in focus pooja gupte – india independent films

I’d witness heated clashes between clients and agencies over font size, prominence of logo and product, saturation levels, hand-model expressions – simply because they failed to “grab eyeballs”. I’d often find myself bemused with the end result – commercials with

Chuck mcgrady north carolina house of representatives district 117

Last Tuesday, I spoke at the Rotary Club of Hendersonville about the past legislative session and my talk included an explanation of the six constitutional amendments that were slated to appear on the ballot in November. Before the end of

Chloe westley the reason the left want to ban me from tv is they fear they would lose a true battle of ideas conservative home

This is nothing new. In fact, there have been various attempted hit jobs on groups like ours before. I knew that when I joined the TPA it would involve being relentlessly smeared, targeted and attacked. We’ve been portrayed as some

Chick-fil-a 15 year olds – team member – chick-fil-a of waco job listing in waco, tx 12099934 snagajob

At Chick-fil-A, the team member role is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity. In addition to working directly for an independent Operator, team members gain life experience that goes far beyond just serving a great product in a

Tax free weekend 2018 sales tax holiday fl, ga, md, ma, ar, tx, ca

Alabama Back To School – Click here for date: clothing (not accessories or protective or recreational equipment) with sales price of $100 or less per item; single purchases, with a sales price of $750 or less, of computers, computer software,

Cheap 3d printer kits 2018 – buyers guide – august 2018 – 3d printing

Cartesian, Delta, Scara and Polar are all different types of 3D printers. What is interesting, is that within the Cartesian 3D printers there are two segments: let’s say the Prusa Mendels and the Ultimakers. A Prusa moves the bed over

Change in seasons mean changes in your estate plan – ocestatelawyers

Adult children often go off to college, study abroad, or travel around the world. Parents feel responsible for their child long after their child turns 18; however, from a legal standpoint they are “strangers”. As a parent you do not