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Beginners guide to buying your mask, fins, and snorkel – sdi tdi erdi

Starting down the road toward becoming a recreational scuba diver can be both an exciting and daunting task. Students are faced with volumes of information, potential equipment needs, and the thrill of gearing up for the water for the first

Plots with dots! — storytelling with data

This month, you were challenged to plot data with a dot—a dot plot, to be exact. More than 50 people shared their creations, many using their dots to depict point in time and group comparisons. I always enjoy seeing the variety

Battle for azeroth™ becomes fastest-selling world of warcraft® expansion ever national entertainment

“ Battle for Azeroth is a definitive chapter in the Horde and Alliance conflict at the heart of Warcraft, and it’s been thrilling to see players representing their factions in record numbers and embarking on their war campaigns—not to mention

Ball marks collection kiawah island ocean course – hash sports

The Ball Marks Collection is a new blog series, or just another reason to brag about some of the golf courses I am lucky enough to play for the first time. Everyone has a pro shop item that they like

Avillon pantheon the drow wars obsidian portal

Blediwesse is the flower-maiden of spring rain. She is the special patron goddess of unmarried maidens. She brings life to the earth after the ravages of winter, blessing the earth with the waters that cause plants to ripen. She is

Av asia pacific magazine west is best – av asia pacific magazine

Perth Stadium, or now, Optus Stadium, thanks to a rumoured $50m naming rights deal, is Australia’s newest major sporting venue and the third-largest sporting stadium in the country by capacity, with 60,000 seats. The facility, owned by the Western Australian

Author interview francesco verso mylifemybooksmyescape

So far, I’ve published 5 novels and around 10 short stories in three, four languages. On top of that, since 2014 I’ve started the Future Fiction multicultural project: a no-profit small press dedicated to publishing the best SF authors from

Authentic gatha zoroastrianism authentic zoroastrianism based on the poetic gathas and their most ancient commentaries

Godhood in Zoroastrianism is the “odyssey of consciousness, the endless adventures, and the progressive journey of healthy, vibrant and energetic mind or spirit.” The Supreme God of Zoroastrianism Mazdá is the very definition of this eternal journey of the “vibrant

Auditable requirements – the auditor

During the preparation phase of an audit, the auditor requests to receive various procedures and documents the organization has written. These are read and analyzed to determine which requirements are worth verifying during the audit. Auditors simply don’t have time

Audi c6 s6 v10 info dump

I recently purchased a high-mileage (130K miles) 07 Audi S6. I have high-performance plans for the car, but want to get everything running smoothly before the real modding begins. I looked around the web for details of the common issues

At home with pamela clare

Harrison Conrad returned to Scarlet Springs from Nepal, the sole survivor of a freak accident on Mt. Everest. Shattered and grieving for his friends, he vows never to climb again and retreats into a bottle of whiskey—until Kenzie Morgan shows

Asset-tracking technology gains traction

In 2005, the U.S. solid waste industry began using the technology similar to a pay-as-you-throw program. Picking up steam since then, RFID is now used to detect fill levels of all types of containers to optimize pickups and bill for

Ascension kit – nethack wiki

You do not need an oilskin cloak if you have MC3. Instead, you can simply teleport the water monster or couatl away immediately when it wraps itself around you. You have one turn before it drowns you. Break the wand

Application requirements department of family medicine university of california, irvine

Interviews are scheduled during the months of November and December, and are by invitation only. You will receive an invitation to interview when your application file has been reviewed by the Residency Selection Committee. It is recommended that applications be filed

Animals – wiki

You are a swamp creature. Your boost will allow you to latch on to other animals. They will be poisoned. Click again to detach from the victim. You breathe oxygen, and when you latch onto an animal underwater, your oxygen

Bureau of indian education title xc – mckinney-vento homeless education act

The purpose of the BIE Title I Homeless Education and McKinney Vento Programs is to provide educational opportunities and support to its homeless youth and children. Homelessness exists within the reservations which the BIE serves and impacts enrollment, attendance and