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One, two-dimensional (2d) arrays and pointers in c

Array arr defined in above program contains 5 integer values stored at indices from 0 to 4. Array index starts from zero that’s why index of the last element will be size of array minus one, that is, arr[4] in

Science – whitmore school online high school

Biology is the study of life – the basic characteristics and functions of living organisms and their place in our environment. Laboratory and field investigations are the primary means for developing problem-solving skills and for developing knowledge and understanding of

Bullying at school tackling the problem – oecd observer

Bullying among schoolchildren is certainly a very old phenomenon, though it was not until the early 1970s that it was made the object of systematic research. Though this research originally focused on Scandinavia, by the 1980s bullying among schoolchildren had

The nitrogen cycle – the free freshwater and saltwater aquarium encyclopedia anyone can edit – the aquarium wiki

Ammonia and nitrite are highly toxic to fish in very low concentrations, so establishing the bacteria colonies that quickly convert these compounds to nitrate is crucial to creating a healthy environment for fish. Nitrate are far less toxic, and can

Its time for an honest conversation about migration sutton for peace and justice

A spectre is haunting Europe. This time it is fear of hordes of dark skinned people swamping its shores. Often it is the Muslim within and without whose alien culture is about to threaten Christian Europe. The so called ‘populist’

Daughter number three tweets of july 2018

Black reporters were *not* surprised that white voters could vote for a black man (or have a black friend or like black music) and still hold racial animosity towards black people as a whole. This is the story of America.

5 Investing ideas for the second half blackrock blog

We still see the former winning out, with robust U.S. growth helping to sustain the global economic expansion and boost earnings. Yet the range of possibilities for the economic outlook has widened, as we write in our Global Investment Outlook

Franchising finance

The first step is to understand the total investment required. Many franchisees we speak with quote only the franchise fee when we ask about start-up costs. Franchisees must also consider working capital, VAT and professional fees. It is also important

Fotos from the past – merrill foto newsmerrill foto news

The number of people killed on roadways in Lincoln County grew this past weekend after a vehicle being operated by an Antigo woman drove through the wall of a Town of Pine River tavern. Joanne Tucker was traveling west on

Nothing good can come from this kristi coulter macmillan

"Women can talk about anything with one another, but we can’t seem to talk about the insidious ways that alcohol has taken over our friendships, our social lives, and every aspect of our womanhood. Nothing Good Can Come From This

China yuchai international to announce unaudited second quarter – kxxv central texas news now

SINGAPORE, July 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — China Yuchai International Limited (NYSE: CYD) ("China Yuchai" or the "Company"), announced today that it will be releasing its unaudited second quarter 2018 financial results on Friday, August 10, 2018 before the market opens

Food gardening – uc master gardener program of sonoma county

Leading up to and into the spring/summer planting season, we were busy improving the soil, increasing irrigation (hopefully inspecting or installing a drip system), pulling the summer weeds that replaced the winter weeds, transitioning our garden from spring to summer

Home herbal medicine journals

Herbal Medicine is an interdisciplinary branch between Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda and it covers all the fields of Herbal Medicine related to Botany, Medicinal Plant Research, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Phytotherapy, botanical medicines, Ayurveda and Natural chemistry, Agriculture Science, Unani Medicine, Biotechnology

Linking flood and drought data to water safety planning part 1

Floods and droughts are naturally occurring disasters, that bring with them considerable challenges. These disasters can cause damage to farmer’s crops and affect crop production, damage a water utility’s infrastructure or result in the inability to supply water of an

Upright and breathing

Remember this, and shew yourselves men: bring it again to mind, O ye transgressors. Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the

Validation workshop of sustainable participatory forest and household energy management project – freedom newspaper

The most important functions of the forests cover in these countries are the contribution of the biomass materials for the food web relevant for the livelihoods of the populations of these countries. The forest cover also provides environmental services such