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Ready for ifrs july 2018

Later, in June 2014 the IASB board issued Agriculture : Bearer Plants (Amendments to IAS 16 and IAS 41) which amended the scope of IAS 16 to include bearer plants. While IAS 41 Agriculture applies to the produce growing on

Resident-owned community

An estimated 18 million people who earn less than $28,000 a year (less than half the national household median income) live in manufactured housing. That makes it one of the leading sources of affordable housing in the U.S. Approximately 1,000

Texture – opengl wiki

A texture is a container of one or more images. But textures do not store arbitrary images; a texture has specific constraints on the images it can contain. There are three defining characteristics of a texture, each of them defining

Herbalgram celebrates 35 years of publication – nutraceuticals world

August 2018 marks the 35th anniversary of HerbalGram, the quarterly journal of the American Botanical Council (ABC). Since its first issue in 1983, HerbalGram has transformed from a black-and-white newsletter to a full-color, 82-page journal with the visual appeal of botanical photography

How a destination spa just might save your marriage departures

Though I like a 90-minute massage as much as the next girl, it took me years to come around to the idea of burning my hard-earned vacation days at a destination spa. Why would I choose to spend time at

Press releases hyundai motor india – new thinking. new possibilities.

New Delhi, August 24, 2018: Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL), the country’s second largest car manufacturer and the number one car exporter since inception, today launched the Brilliant Moments Song under the Brilliant Moments with Hyundai Campaign celebrating India’s pioneering

Leading health systems form alliance to address climate change in california health care without harm

[Sacramento, Calif., Aug. 22, 2018] Amid deadly fires and record-breaking heat waves in California, four of the state’s largest health systems – Dignity Health, Kaiser Permanente, Providence St. Joseph Health, and Sutter Health – have formed the California Health Care

Much of western america will be uninhabitable in 40 years ian welsh

Now that you mention Ronald Reagan and “Morning in America” do you think the 1970s were perhaps our last chance at stopping all of this environmental damage? It seems to me that the environmental movement reached its peak in the

End of suburbia

We owe our modern way of life to the high density energy that is found in fossil fuels, and also the many derivatives that are made out of oil (plastics). Everything from the food that we eat to keep us

Blue ridge journal

The bandwagon effect is in full swing again in the US; this time the fad cause is legalizing marijuana. Several US states have now rescinded laws that made possession and "recreational use" of marijuana illegal, to great fanfare and victory

Uk wildfires prevention is more than a fire service issue

Our research has shown how informal local and national partnerships helped keep the flames under some form of control and can reduce the risk of future fires on this scale. But the government needs to support these partnerships and see

This is what climate change looks like in vr – info gadgets

The VR demonstration, called The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience, is the brainchild of Jeremy Bailenson, a professor of communications at Stanford University and the founding director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab. His project is the latest to demonstrate a

Intel starts talking real 5g data center use cases

Smaller, but more powerful servers are, as one might expect, providing designers with far richer capabilities, while more power and smaller laptops means that more of the actual design work can be done in direct collaboration with customers. For an

Trade woes continue despite strong economy tti, inc.

Business continues at a strong clip up and down the supply channel, despite growing concerns about the long-term effects of the Trump administration’s trade policies. A smattering of economic data released early this month underscored the positive state of the

Technical service center bureau of reclamation

The Water, Environmental, & Ecosystems Division has approximately 100 staff that provide integrated technical expertise in: 1) Water Resources Engineering & Management Support including Flood Hydrology & Meteorology, 2) Sedimentation & River Hydraulics, 3) Geographic Applications & Analysis, 4) Economics