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Leichen, leichen, leichen… caroline markolin kennt keine grenzen…

Caroline Markolin has as a result also committed an act of fraud in this process by cutting and pasting Dr. Hamer’s signature to a document she claims was written by Dr. Hamer. This forged document is a warning to the

Michigan candidate for governor has substantial connections to the muslim brotherhood creeping sharia

According to the Middle East Forum, the Muslim Brotherhood differs from other radical jihadist groups in strategy, but not in goals. Both the Brotherhood and groups like ISIS seek to destroy the West and establish Sharia, or Islamic, law. But

The fight for gender equality present but insufficient

According to the World Economic Forum, in 2017 the average progress on closing the global gender gap stands at 68.0%. Women are still underrepresented across major aspects. In the economy, women represent 50% of the world’s working age population but

What is transcription improve your video accessibility, seo, and user experience

Luckily, there are certain tools that will lighten the burden a bit. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) software, such as Dragon or Camtasia, will kick off the process for you, though there will be many errors. The idea is that it

Bbc climate change by the numbers – the global warming policy forum (gwpf)the global warming policy forum (gwpf)

The BBC has just aired a documentary called “Climate Change By The Numbers” in which three statisticians tackle the thinking behind three important numbers associated with climate change – 1) the Earth’s temperature increase since 1880 which is 0.85°C, 2)

Buggy whips to fingertips petersironwood

My degrees are in psychology. I have also been fascinated by computers. One main reason I went into HCI/UX/Human Factors was that I saw computers as devices that would amplify collective human intelligence. Thereby, with a mixture of people and

Webinar archive – international association for food protection

Este webinar gratuito de una hora es patrocinado por Ecolab. Los participantes DEBEN registrarse con anticipación. El saneamiento efectivo es fundamental para garantizar la inocuidad de los alimentos, sin embargo, los fundamentos a menudo no son bien comprendidos por los

Atomic lighter reviews – too good to be true

Matches are difficult to use for many people because they are challenging to light and sometimes they break. If the lining of the box starts to wear out before you have finished with the entire box of matches then they

New ssa ruling applies to people with fibromyalgia loyd j. bourgeois, louisiana disability law

These criteria are not new or surprising. Many ALJs in New Orleans Social Security Disability hearings are aware of the variety of symptoms related to FM. The Ruling, though, may cause ALJs to require more careful documentation from the treating

Iran has a serious water problem. Major lakes, such as Oroumieh, are drying up, as are water systems that have sustained the countryside villages for thousands of years. Some years ago, the shortage of water in Tehran, which, with its

Hurricane wind forces to be tested on masonry walls in york u lab york media relations

TORONTO, ON, August 22, 2018 –August marks the peak of hurricane season and the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas. On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey became the first Category 3 or higher hurricane in the U.S. since Wilma hit

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while smoking a cigar in the shadow of a nervous minotaur, my father wrote the book on moral isolation. in it, he predicted there would be a television show about hoarders and that it would turn god into a sign

California’s burning season never ends

While the rest of the world has long since ended it’s debate, in Washington denying climate change is still fashionable. Climate scientists universally agree on the reality of climate change. Every nation on earth has looked at the data and

Wwe summerslam 2018 predictions – cageside seats

Kyle Decker: Roman Reigns. It’s going to be Roman. Yes, I say this all the time and it’s never Roman, but it’s going to be this time. Vince and Co. have stuck to their guns for better or worse to

Why latam brasil ceo claudia sender promotes organizational diversity

Claudia Sender has always been unstoppably ambitious. During her childhood in São Paulo, she dreamt of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a doctor. But when it came time to choose a focus in university, she realized she wanted

Energy savers that make ‘cents’ – the southeast sun home improvement

The cost of heating water for bathing, laundry and kitchen use is a common home energy drain, so it’s an area that deserves attention when you’re looking to upgrade for efficiency. To reduce energy use from your hot water heater,