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How do you tell if the earth’s climate system “is warming” in pursuit of happiness

A more precise answer to the question is that whether the earth’s climate system “is warming” or “is cooling” entirely depends on who gets to pick the start date for the analysis. If you are the one who gets to

Solar flares and consciousness healing energy tools

A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released. Radiation is emitted across virtually the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves at the long wavelength end, through optical emission to x-rays and

After the smoke clears audubon rockies

The sagebrush may not be as sought out as mountains or coastlines, but it does hold a fascinating community of birds that you can’t find anywhere else. Sagebrush Sparrows, Sage Thrashers, Brewer’s Sparrows, and of course, sage-grouse depend on healthy

Newco shift experiments in alternate democracies

In our studio in London, with Brexit looming heavy on the horizon, we have been looking at this phenomenon through the lens of various projects, public debates, and even an experiment using sortition — the use of random selection to gather together

Job board – the emma bowen foundation

Are you just getting started in Broadcast TV, and need some challenging & rewarding work experience? Join the WQAD Production Department, and you will receive training on state-of-the-art equipment, and work with some of the most knowledgeable experts in the

Ask dr. gayle-july 2018 column – lotus guide ask dr gayle kimball in lotus guide

A: Therapists Carl Jung and Hall and Sidra Stone taught us that what’s repressed and unconscious gets projected outward. This influences whom we fall in love with or attract into our lives until we make the pattern conscious and integrate

Supervisors approve eucalyptus removal for bay trail project, though the trees may yet be saved lost coast outpost humboldt county

Hank Seemann, the county’s deputy director of environmental services, gave a long and detailed presentation explaining why, in the opinion of county staff, the northernmost 42 percent of eucalyptus lining the Highway 101 safety corridor must be removed if the

How the spurs will be affected by the new ncaa rules – pounding the rock

My take: This is a good rule in my mind — for the players, at least. While most players who leave college early and declare for the draft only do so because they have been all but assured they will

Juventus’s cristiano ronaldo heralds lift in serie a mood for new season paolo bandini football

It is not hard to see how Ronaldo may help them to do so. The European Cup’s all-time leading goalscorer has hit double figures in that competition for seven seasons running. It was his strikes that eliminated Juventus last term

Sms sending jobs fake or real – full info sms sending job fake or real

Dosto Aaj ke internet ke jamane me Apko bahut saare SMS sending job ke liye search karneke baad website milingi Iss me Apko mobaile se SMS bhejana hota hai, Iss me Apko company wale Apko apake email par kay massege

Conference report – icot2018, kavala, greece 27-30 june

The 8 th International Conference on Tourism (ICOT), jointly organised by IATOUR, the Technological Educational Institute of East Macedonia and Thrace, the Municipality of Kavala, and Middlesex University in the UK, and sponsored by Δημωφέλεια (Dimofeleia) was held in the

“We might never know” by richard f. yates the primitive entertainment workshop

A few weeks ago, while I was sitting at a red light, I spotted what I perceived to be an antisocial and potentially dangerous act being perpetrated by a small group of teenage boys. What I saw and heard pissed

Film review north of nightfall

The mouth-watering aerials of that part of Axel Heiberg made me long to travel there again. The red- and ochre-splashed badlands look like Arizona’s Painted Desert, with a side of glaciers. I’ve traveled Axel Heiberg Island and its neighbour, Ellesmere


Hey! I was thrilled by the positive response to Wigstock returning. I wasn’t thrilled by the disappointment from some when they learned that the cheapest tickets were $95—apart from a few blocks of $18.95 tickets. If you think that’s too

North carolina isaac wrong to target pipeline opponents the lenoir voice

There are terrorists involved in fracking and related pipeline development – if that’s the word the law enforcement wishes to use – but they are not the opponents to the pipeline; rather the ones terrorizing people and the environment are

Perfect storm of factors makes fires bigger, harder to control – daily yonder

Hopes for fewer large wildfires in 2018, after last year’s disastrous fire season, are rapidly disappearing across the West. Six deaths have been reported in Northern California’s Carr Fire, including two firefighters. Fires have scorched Yosemite, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Sequoia