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Bird population plummets in piñon forests pummeled by climate change audubon

On a June day in the piñon pine and juniper woodlands that lace the Pajarito Plateau in northern New Mexico, the only sound is the hot breeze wending through the trees and the occasional twitter of a Bewick’s Wren or

Scot goes pop! let’s state the obvious again waiting until yes support is at 60% is a recipe for scotland never becoming an independent country

You might have seen that I was name-checked the other day in an article by Iain Macwhirter about a supposed danger of SNP disunity after Nicola Sturgeon makes her long-awaited decision in the autumn. I think the first thing to

Climate science investigations south florida – causes of climate change

The Milankovitch Theory explains the 3 cyclical changes in Earth’s orbit and tilt that cause the climate fluctuations that occur over tens of thousands of years to hundreds of thousands of years. You have learned about these orbital changes in

Understanding bird counts – a look into the science and research

Every species is easier to find in different ways and in different areas. Prairie birds like to gather and dance, while pheasants and Hungarian partridge are most visible when they visit road edges during late summer. The ruffed grouse drums,

Wallwritings news analysis of politics, cinema, modern culture and the ambiguity of human existence addressed from a religious perspective.

The Blues Brothers was initially scheduled for our community film showing the week of December 3, placed there to celebrate the 200th birthday of the state of Illinois, our home state. It was named the top film made in and/or

Api report backs resilience of natural gas infrastructure

Natural gas is the leading source of electricity for power generation in America, providing a cleaner and more reliable power source for everything from your cell phone to your coffee pot to E-commerce. It’s also an essential partner that helps

A dire warning, report 29 july 2018 monetary metals

We have written quite a lot on this topic. Indeed, we have a landing page for marginal productivity of debt (MPoD) with four articles so far. Few economists touch this topic, perhaps because MPoD shows that our monetary system is

Why left economics is marginalized – economic questions

After the 2009 recession, Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman wrote a New York Times article entitled “ How did economists get it so wrong? ” wondering why economics has such a blind spot for failure and crisis. Krugman correctly pointed

Bigelow laboratory continues quest for ocean knowledge boothbay register

Much of Bigelow’s research focuses on how phytoplankton affects the ecosystem, global process and environment. So why do nearly 100 scientists spend so much time studying a particle so small it’s invisible to the naked eye? For Senior Vice President

What is art – renew the arts

I want Christians to learn better how to submit to one another in the fear of Christ. Art provides such a wonderful arena in which to do this. What a person delights in provides a profound window into what he

College of agriculture and life sciences

Over 300 freshmen enter the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences each fall. They bring with them their hopes, dreams, and aspirations to care for their families and communities. This generation of leaders and others those who follow will be

Somebody is in control all together now the journal of music irish + uk music articles, reviews, news, concerts, jobs, festivals, funding

Two children are beside them and the man holds their hands and starts dancing with them too. Then he and his friends sense action elsewhere and start to rush away. One of the children was enjoying them so much, she

Legacy of slavery, segregation impacts debate on statue – u.s. – stripes

Throughout the 20th century, black and white communities in Easton developed into the largely middle-class households they are today, but as parallel, segregated worlds. Lines started to blur once segregation ended. But as much as Easton and its neighbor Unionville

Understanding logical properties and values – tech links daily

The answer is that these values have moved away from the underlying assumption that content on the web maps to the physical dimensions of the screen, with the first word of a sentence being top left of the box it

Protecting acls why deceleration matters – arrowhead pride

First, preventing a season-ending ACL injury from a pre-hab standpoint is difficult; however, in certain populations, it does have its advantages. For example, there is more and more pre-hab being done in youth sports, especially in females. Females are more

Commercial real estate accountant toronto jobs

JOB SUMMARY Under limited supervision, applies cash and accrual accounting principles to prepare, analyze, maintain and deliver complete and accurate financial reports for a moderately complex portfolio of CBRE clients and properties. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Completes intermediate to advanced