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Learn about the rain arcsa 2018 rainwater harvesting conference – sky gardens blog

Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta, GA is a nonprofit organization that for more than 30 years has promoted energy, water and resource efficient workplaces, homes and communities throughout the Southeast. In their new Eco Office a cistern was placed on

Dominaria retrospective the finale article by sam keeper

The longer I spend actually analyzing media, the less I trust universal claims of how things should or shouldn’t work. Maybe this is me descending inexorably into the gravity well of my own navel due to way too much *Theory*,

No school for students on august 28, primary election day district news

Thank you for visiting the Palm Beach County School District’s website (“Website”). The Website can be translated into many different languages using Google™ Translate, a third party service (the “Service”) that provides automated computer translations of web pages. The Google™

Weekly economic commentary

The Kansas City Fed’s annual monetary policy symposium begins later this week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Around 120 people attend the conference, including central bankers from around the world. In the past, the Fed chair’s speech has often been a

The “beautiful mess” effect other people view our vulnerability more positively than we do unhinged group

Admitting mistakes, seeking help, apologising first, confessing one’s romantic feelings – all these kind of situations involve intentional expressions of vulnerability, in which we may fear being rejected or being judged negatively, yet we grit our teeth and go ahead

What can we do about climate change ncse

From a science education perspective, one major thing that can be done about climate change is to support education efforts that help individuals and societies make informed decisions about climate change. Climate science must be integrated as practical knowledge into

Global heat waves another ominous sign of climate change

Extreme heat is not just an inconvenient truth: It causes people to die, especially the elderly, young children, and those who already have health issues. There are reports of an estimated 70 people dead in Canada; more than 75 dead

Does the cambrian explosion pose a challenge to evolution

The term “Cambrian Explosion” refers to the appearance and rapid diversification of most major living animal body plans (phyla) in the fossil record within an interval of perhaps 20 million years or less, a relatively short period in evolutionary history.

Feds, state release gila diversion scoping results silver city daily press

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission have released the results of their public scoping period for the National Environmental Policy Act environmental impact statement on the proposed diversion projects on the Gila and San Francisco

Bangladesh is drowning because of climate change

As we continue our dangerous experiment with the Earth’s climate, it’s expected that extreme weather and natural disasters will become more frequent and intense. The water cycle will become so unpredictable that droughts, floods and rising sea levels could cripple

The end of the line a climate in crisis dissident voice

Nonetheless, people do not want to discuss and/or read about an impending disruption to society, especially on the scale of a collapse. Still, some academics consider it responsible and in fact necessary to communicate the issue on a pre-collapse basis

Collington residents association written and managed by and for residents

As our strategic plan moves forward in the health area, we are given a useful reminder in the New York Times of the value of instinct in alerting people to potential medical crises. The Times article focus on the instincts

Each so thoroughly human evening light

I recently read a meme or a post or an observation somewhere to the effect that we “don’t owe” “basic human decency” to [insert preferred list of “bad people” here]. I found myself astonished that “basic human decency” is so

Beyond nuclear – home

On August 17, the Asahi Shimbun ran an encouraging story saying that construction firm, Bechtel, had pulled out of the unpopular Wylfa B Hitachi nuclear power plant project on the north coast of Wales (planned project pictured above in an unrealistic

Breatharian diet review – inedia, living without food

The Breatharian Diet is based on the inedia principle, which claims that food and water are not necessary to sustain life and that the human body can very well subsist on air, sunlight and Prana (life force) alone. In the