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Read, record reviews razorcake

Straight up, this is a country, bluegrass, folk record made by an ex-preacher who’s also ex-military. It was sent to Razorcake because it has a song called “I Wish I was a Punk Rocker.” The lyrics to that song are

17 August 2018 goodmorninggloucester

***DISCLAIMER***Conversations in this episode can be potentially triggering, if you are sensitive to light conversations about NICU units we ask that you listen to this episode at your discretion. Recorded in our “Grand Piano Studio” 8/16/18, with Alicia, B-Side and

Pet adoptions go high tech at the new wallis annenberg petspace l.a. weekly

The Annenberg PetSpace is permitted for up to 40 cats, 40 dogs and 100 bunnies at a time, all of which come from L.A. County’s Department of Animal Care and Control. The department operates seven shelters throughout the county, but

Pcs – cats for adoption

"Marnie" Adult, S/F, DSH, Black & White. Marnie was already spayed when she was picked up by a local Animal Control Officer. Having gone unclaimed and no calls for a missing cat fitting her description; it can only be assumed

Overcoming a shameful past, va plans haven for homeless vets in west los angeles wglt

The nearly 400 acres of the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center were donated in the 19th century to be a home for old and disabled soldiers. But the land hasn’t been used that way in decades. More recently it’s

Omen a druid way

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I practice two distinct spiritual paths. One of the teachings on the other path concerns waking dreams. “A waking dream is something that happens in the outer, everyday life that has spiritual significance”,

Nyt global greening, faster plant growth, is bad watts up with that

The following is part of the scope of the program on NASA wanting to study the earth’s global water system. Of course NASA has to make things complicated and combine energy with it. So they called it NEWS (NASA Energy

Nuclear lake hike the hudson valley

Background you can feel free to skip: I know what you’re thinking. Why would I ever want to visit a place called Nuclear Lake? Well, let me set your mind at ease. The only reason it’s even called Nuclear Lake

No-kill shelter taking names

The Trixie Foundation is gathering names of people across the state who have purchased dog licenses over the past two years.Randy Skaggs, founder of the nonprofit animal protection group, said he hopes the information will open the eyes of state


Each year, Lanterman Regional Center hosts community meetings to provide our key partners – individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and our service providers – the opportunity to give us feedback on the future direction and long‐term goals of the Center./Cada año, el Centro Regional Lanterman proporciona

Nct02554812 advanced cancer clinical trial pfizer

This is a Phase 1b/2 dose-optimization study to evaluate safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and preliminary antitumor activity of avelumab (MSB0010718C) in combination with other cancer immunotherapies in patients with locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors. The primary purpose is to assess

National shrine of saint francis of assisi home

VOLUNTEERS: The Rector is looking for people willing and able to assist with light house-keeping: *(sweeping, dust mopping, mopping, emptying trash cans) for the Shrine church and chapel. It would be helpful to have regular assistance from volunteers from one

More than a label shelter dog genotyping reveals inaccuracy of breed assignments asu now access, excellence, impact

Imagine meeting a potential roommate for coffee but instead of questions that gauge how compatible you both would be living together, you were asked about the ancestry of your parents’ families. Though this situation seems ridiculous, it happens all the

Marvel meets mesopotamia how modern comics preserve ancient myths at the bookshelf

The Marvel comic book hero of Gilgamesh was created by Jack Kirby, although the character has been employed by numerous authors, notably Roy Thomas. Gilgamesh the superhero is a member of the Avengers, Marvel comics’ fictional team of superheroes now

Low cost pet vaccinations mobile pet vaccinations

We can also answer any questions you might have about what vaccinations and preventive health care your pet needs and what your options are. NO prior appointment or call is required, but we welcome calls (817-282-1000), emails (, & Facebook

Knicks morning news (2018.08.15)

I think it is possible that KP is a – perhaps rare – case where his potential really is higher than his stats suggest. It’s interesting that the Spurs are huge fans – Messina, who seems to be very highly