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Crazy talk in the new york times the best friends blog

In a piece titled “ Are We Loving Shelter Dogs to Death,” writer Carol Mithers (apparently attempting to get her name out there prior to the release of an upcoming book) implicitly comes out in favor of killing shelter animals

Yucca plant growing, care, and management guide

Yucca moths will transfer the pollen purposely from the stamen of one plant to the stigma of another pant, whilst laying eggs in the flower at the same time. The moth larva will be feeding on some of the developing

Where to buy essential oils you can trust are pure whole new mom

I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but I ended up finding out that they are a great resource for your natural medicine cabinet for issues such as headaches, ear infections, tummy aches, viruses and bacterial infections,

Wikispecies, free species directory

Georges Léopold Chrétien Frédéric Dagobert Cuvier (most often published simply as "Georges Cuvier") was a French naturalist and zoologist. He is sometimes referred to as the founding father of paleontology. Cuvier was a major figure in natural sciences research in

What is barbershop therapy by celeste hamilton dennis — yes! magazine

The numbers are telling: Black people more frequently have post-traumatic stress disorder than other ethnic groups. Yet Black men are less likely to get treatment than the general population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National

West africa en vélo west africa bike tour tda global cycling

I used to work in an office developing softwares in Quebec City and one day I decided to quit that lifestyle. Being able to take only a trip or two per year wasn’t enough anymore—I needed to travel full time.

Ways animal lovers can help animals in siem reap – donate, sponsor, volunteer

These days the couple travel far less than they used to, but they don’t regret it for a second. Pepper brings joy to their lives and there are people in Siem Reap doing far more to rescue cats from the

Update potential cat caretaker job on greek island gone viral life with cats

When a posting goes viral there can be all kinds of unexpected outcomes. Take the current situation for Joan Bowell. Joan posted on her Facebook page she was seeking someone to take over as caretaker for God’s Little People Cat

Trademark basics uspto

This video is a must for anyone interested in starting a business to sell a product or offer a service. It highlights the important role of trademarks in that process, including a discussion of how trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names,

The vineyard gazette – martha’s vineyard news please adopt us

Hurry, hurry, hurry: KITTENS are available! We have eight beauties ready for adoption. The picks of the bunch are the black kittens. Wilma’s three long haired, black beauties are as stunning and sweet as their momma. There are two females

The secret life of dinny dozier martha’s vineyard magazine

Diana “Dinny” Dozier of Edgartown leads a double life. Many Islanders know her as one of the founders of the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard, where nine years after its opening they can still find her volunteering most days of the week.

The genetics of addiction – is addiction a disease

The children of addicts are 8 times more likely to develop an addiction. One study looked at 231 people who were diagnosed with drug or alcohol addiction, and compared them to 61 people who did not have an addiction. Then

The future of foster care in mississippi jackson free press jackson, ms

In 2017, the lawsuit allowed the system time to meet the court-ordered requirements, including mandating that 90 percent of caseworkers meet their caseloads, which means staff cannot work with more than a set number of cases. In December, Mississippi Department

The brunswick riverwalk life in brunswick county

This massive undertaking emerged from an idea Breault had in November 2012. He believed the area surrounding the existing Brunswick River Park on N.C. Hwy. 133 could be transformed into an educational, historical, ecological and recreational attraction. “I’d drive by

Route 66 half – tri harder promotions

The Route 66 Half Distance Triathlon includes a 1.2 mile swim under the arches of Historic Lindsay Bridge, a 56 mile bike on the “Old Route 66” road and a 13.1 mile run on scenic, shaded lake roads. Highlights include

Rabies ontario county, ny – official website

Raccoon 101: Raccoons will appear whenever food is around. Although they’re normally nocturnal, it’s not uncommon to see raccoons during the day, especially in spring and summer when mom raccoons are expending a lot of energy nursing their young cubs.