Castlevania symphony of the night (playstation) – the cutting room floor

There’s a small hatch in the ground at the entrance gate of the castle, which never opens at any point in the game. There is something beneath it, however, and while it’s not terribly interesting, it’s possible to reach it via glitches. All this hidden area consists of is a small vertical cave with a save room at the end, which is graphically glitched if you’re playing as Alucard but looks fine if you’re playing as Richter. In either case, the save point functions as it should. Upon exiting the cave, the hatch opens, allowing this little area to be reentered without further glitching. There’s no actual purpose to this area beyond adding an extra .3% to your map exploration total.

In the Sega Saturn version, the hatch opens normally. The cave beneath has been modified: The water is no longer present, the exit has been moved about twice as far down, and breakable light posts have been added on some ledges.

The save room has been replaced by a load room, which leads to the Underground Garden, an area exclusive to the Saturn version.

Two familiars were removed from the original English release on the PlayStation – they are counterparts to the Faerie and Demon, but have different voice actors. Their names were not translated on the Familiar Menu, but the cards that activate them call them the Sprite (or Pixie, in its description) and Nosedevil. They were later translated as Fairy and Nose Demon in the Dracula X Chronicles version for PSP. The Nosedevil has no new abilities, but the Sprite will sing when Alucard sits in a chair in the Japanese "The Best" rerelease, the Saturn version when the lyrics card has been obtained, and Dracula X Chronicles.

The programming for these familiars is still present in the English PlayStation versions and can be activated with GameShark codes, but their cards were removed from the game and they will leave once the player changes their familiar settings. To enable the Japanese familiars in the North American version using a GameShark, first make sure no familiars are enabled on your save file, then use either of these codes:

Their relics may have to have been acquired first to enable them. This can only be done by using a GameShark code to acquire all relics. But the all relics code must be off when using the code to enable a familiar, meaning you must first use the all relics code, save, restart the game, disable all familiars, save, then restart the game again with the familiar enable code entered.

The removal of these familiars resulted in some items getting slightly rearranged for the English releases. The Nosedevil Card was found in the hidden area where the holy sword is in the Colosseum. Notably, the only way to get the holy sword in the Japanese version is to have a Vandal Sword drop one on death. The Sprite Card was found in the hidden area where the Sword Card is in Olrox’s Quarters. The Sword Card wasn’t originally hidden, being placed in a normal room in Olrox’s Quarters where a common garnet is found now. (The English screenshots on the left are taken from the E3 version, which uses the same item placements as the Japanese version.)