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Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from firesidegatherings.com) Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back.

Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup. Keganbe 327

This is in response to a disconnection issue that players see where it appears that the opposing player is holding up the game in some manner. Often it will appear that they are holding a card above the battlefield, purposely preventing the timer from starting. This is a disconnect issue. Aspects of games can connect on different levels. Player to player, player to client, player to server etc. etc. One of our awesome MVPs made this to help explain how connections work: http://i.imgur.com/bBezGoD.png "Disconnect" when used in this case can reference several different areas of the game. It is not always just "my internet is fine, this isn’t a connection issue." Something that speaks to this is when players mention that the player is holding a card over the game board and emoting or going through their cards. This should be one sign as to this being a connection issue as you cannot both use your mouse to hold a card over the game board AND click emotes or go through your hand. Since this is due to disconnects, the only time that we need this reported is when it ALWAYS happens from doing the EXACT SAME thing. If it happens every single time you play Fireball, report it. That is a bug. As a tip, if you run into this and realize it soon enough. Immediately force close your game and restart. If you are fast enough, there is a chance you can still reconnect to that game to finish it out 🙂 Grizzle 0

1. Chamelos does not trigger each turn it is in your hand. It triggers (transform into a random card your opponent is holding) every 2 turns. Compare the wording with Micro Machine, which gains 1 Attack each turn – that is indeed a trigger on each turn. 2. If you trigger a secret hunter that summon a 3 cost minion to be attacked instead when you are attacked, it then triggers and causes Misdirection, which reads as “an enemy who attacks your hero is directed to Attack another character”, to act in an inconsistent manner, which now becomes Attack another character instead of the 3 cost minion, which means you may Attack someone else, including the hero. Misdirection causes an enemy that is trying to attack a 3 cost minion, to Attack another character, which may be your hero instead! And I’ve lost 2 games because of this bug. The programming logic might have been written such that when triggered, it Attacks another character instead of the target. Which causes it to be flawed when used after the “summon 3 cost minion” secret. However, Misdirection should not have been triggered to Attack someone else instead of the 3 cost minion, just to ironically Attack the hero instead. It should remain true as “another character instead”, such that it directs the enemy to Attack another character instead of the 3 cost minion and that “another character” should exclude the hero. BlueLantern 7

Scenario #1: With Toxmonger and any mech on board, the player plays a Skaterbot from Hand to the left of the mech. The Skatebot gains Poisonous as to be expected and then Magnetizes to the mech passing on its stats and effects including poisonous. Scenario #2: With Hobgoblin and any mech on board, the player plays a Skaterbot (or any 1 attack magnetic mech) from Hand to the left of the mech. The Skaterbot gains +2/+2 as to be expected and then Magnetizes to the mech, however the newly gained buff is not retained. Scenario #3: A player plays a hand buffed magnetizable mech to the left of a mech on board. The result is a mech that retains the hand buffed stats. The inconsistancy lies between both scenarios #1 & #2 and scenarios #2 & #3 when taken together. Both "whenever" effects are triggered as expected but only toxmongers bonus is retained, however bonus stats are usually retained during magnetization during usual conditions. Also, even if Magnetize worked as a "wording simplified" battlecry, there is precedence for the "whenever" effects to trigger before the battlecry effect. Logically that means the minion really does gain the stats before the Magnetization and intuitively should retain those stats through Magnetization. KylixAnato 4