Best 6 applications for cotton webbing

Cotton webbing– cotton is one of the most expensive materials. It can be expensive but is the most preferred material by many customers due to its durability and long lasting features Cotton webbing straps always provide a natural fibre feeling that even the synthetic materials cannot provide. Most of the cotton webbing products always meets the military requirements.

Nylon webbing- Thi s type of webbing is durable and comes in different ranges of sizes, colors, and strength rating, this makes the nylon webbing easier for a customer to find the right option for their needs. The nylon webbing has a wide diverse range of applications that range from pet collars to climbing harness to child safety equipment. Nylon webbing offers high tensile strength, is resistant to mildew, aging, and abrasion and has a relatively high melting point

Woven tapes often come in a range of fiber types, which range from carbon, aramid, glass, polyester, and hybrids. Fiber types are always selected to suit the application, may be made up of fibers like Grass or polyester. It is always available in different types of weaves such as linen weave or herringbone weave. The woven tape is very important in many fields and not just on garment alone.

Woven edge tapes are made from cotton, polyester or nylon. They are packed in different weaves, widths, and thickness. They vary in their use as some may be used for decoration purposes. The tapes are cut into various lengths and folded as required by an individual. A good woven tape should be compatible with resin and lower etching properties. Such tapes are used for a variety of banding applications.

The natural woven tapes are white and black but also you can dye them to get a variety of different colors. A variety of colors helps attract more customers as they look lovely, unlike the plain colors. These colors are so colorful after being dyed and may attract any customer. The customers are able to purchase different colors of their choice as to their requirement. A plain weave lightweight tape is often used for seam reinforcement to knit garments, while the nylon twill tape can be used as buttonhole reinforcement.

There are various types of polyester tapes. The polyester tapes come in different colors. For instance, the polyester adhesive tape and the polyester adhesive tape that contains silicon. The polyester adhesive tapes are mainly used for phases and coil end insulation and reinforcing of boarders. They are also used in companies like the automobiles and electrical appliances. This tape works with exactness in its specified field of functioning. There is also polyester with silicon adhesive which is used in high temperature masking. It is popularly used in powder coating, spray coating, plating, electroplating, anodizing and in the high temperature splicing.

The silicon adhesive polyester tape comes in different mil and designed for different purpose, For instance, General purpose polyester Tape, 2.8mil(0.07mm), this tape is used in a various way of high temperature masking applications including coating and flash breaker applications. It is designed to remove clean from most surfaces. There is also silver, 0.9mil (0.02mm) metalized polyester tape with a long aging, medium firm acrylic system. This one is used for manufacturing splicing, sealing or holding applications.

Polyester tape can also be used for outer/inter laminar insulation of transformers and coils. Such tapes require some good thickness. These tapes have various thicknesses and adhesive types and different colors too. One of the major applications of these tapes is electrical insulation of transformers and coils. Its features include availability in long lengths, good processability, narrow width processing is available, offers superior heat resistance, offers superior dimension stability and also offers superior electrical insulation.

There are also 3M polyester tapes 8901, 8902, and 8905 which are all made with strong polyester backing and silicon adhesive, which allows them to be used in applications requiring high temperatures or adhesion to silicon treated surfaces. This tape family offers a range of backing thickness to accommodate application needs from thin tapes for splicing to a thicker, stronger tape from pulling through flashing or multiple coating.