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So I think I think the institution is on a good path for stability , both economically and with our and demographically with our population. I don’t think this institution will ever get huge and I don’t think it should be huge because we serve students who need a lot of attention and they need help and they need people to be around them to be to make to assure their success . And so what . One of the things , a couple of things we’re working on very hard in that will continue . Long after I’m gone is not only recruiting students , but the retention of students , and to make sure those students in 8-15 to finish plan meaning that they take 15 hours a semester so that they can finish in 4 years and get in , get done , and get out and get a career or go to graduate school or do whatever they’re going to do and we’re working very hard in those particular areas and I think we’re going to this institution will start to see some significant gains in in retention and and achievement of the students over the next several years .

Honestly I’m most proud of the people who work here and who do the work at the , I mean I can talk all day long about you know what , quoting quote what I’ve accomplished in the reality is that the only thing I’ve done is it is , it has been a conduit for things to happen and , and I’m proud of the fact that I had been able to be in that position , but the but nothing would happen if we didn’t have phenomenal quality faculty teaching students going out of their going out of their way and are often times out of their comfort zone to help students and we wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t have a staff and administration who served as supports and as leaders in in that whole mission of teaching and learning , and I would say also that we would not be successful. If the community of Fort Smith the the business and industry community the the school districts surrounding us , you know , we have a program where we have 19 different school districts on our campus every day students from those from the 19 different school districts taking technical courses for college credit through the western Arkansas Technical Center . It had been for all that cooperation .

I feel very fortunate. My , my wife and I both feel very fortunate for the time that we’ve been able to spend here we have loved working for University of Arkansas Fort Smith I personally haven’t really relish working I’m I’m proud of the fact that I work for the University of Arkansas system . I’m proud of having worked for Alan slug who hired me and now Dr. Don Babbitt who is who is currently the president who is providing phenomenal leadership for the University of Arkansas system . I am thankful to the people who have contributed so much to this university locally . We have a very strong foundation and for this size institution in this young of an institution or foundation is very strong and that only happens because people believe in the institution and believe in the mission and the people in in this greater area have given . Most of the money for this book for that foundation and I want to express the fact that they were very generous and they were very 4 . They have a lot of foresight and understanding about about the impact that this university has on the community and will have on the community in the future . And so all those people that have worked with me to help to create resources for the institution . I think it . It’s been really a unique .