Alley cat advocates trap-neuter-release and volunteer services for greater louisville, ky

On a hot August day, four members of the Alley Cat Advocates’ Education and Community Outreach Team made trek to a farm about 30 miles outside of Louisville. This farm was different though, because you weren’t going to find chickens, pigs, or cows, but what you were going to find was a barn packed to the rafters with Styrofoam coolers. The volunteers worked tirelessly for over 6 hours in the sun to make sure we had enough shelters to bring back with us for the Winter season. Enough can’t be said about the commitment our volunteers put in to make sure our organizations succeeds. These coolers are what ultimately become the Winter Shelters that we give out every year. We will have coolers available sometime in October and will distribute them to residents in the community.

They will only be available, while supplies last, so we can’t reserve any of them… However, they are extremely cheap to make on your own. Here is a link to show you a step by step process for creating one.

Hey Cool Cats out there, are you looking for a happening time this month? Look no further than the Third Street Dive, because on July 25th, they’ll be hosting an Alley Cat Advocates fundraiser. There will be karaoke that evening, so invite your fellow Tom cats to wail the night away. 50% of proceeds go back to Alley Cat Advocates that evening, along with whatever cat nip you throw in the donation boxes. Look forward to seeing you all there for a night of fun and excitement!

On a hot July day, a group of passionate people gathered off Newburg road to break ground on the new Louisville Metro Animal Services facility. This new state of the art facility will be 8,000 square feet larger than the previous location on Manslick and include a ton of amenities that LMAS has dreamed about for over 40 years. The new facility will have a Veterinary wing with an x-ray machine, along with two additional surgery and exam tables to provide more services. There will also be a 1/2 walking track for people and their pets, plus six fenced in play areas for the community animals to stretch their legs a bit. If you want to learn more about the project and hear Mayor Fischer shout out Alley Cat Advocates, follow the link below:

Alyssa Gilbert took on the role of Operations Director here at Alley Cat Advocates back in January. She started out wanting to be a volunteer and to help community cats all across the city, but ultimately, fell in love for the work we do. That’s when she knew she had found the right place for her. She applied after she completed her Vista program and hasn’t looked back sense.

Alyssa moved to Kentucky from Florida, while taking part in the AmeriCorps Vista program following college, and worked as a liaison for Americana. Alyssa’s passion for cats stretches back to her childhood in Florida. Her family were caretakers and fosters for 24 fixed cats much of her young life. The 24 cat colony started from a single calico mom who just couldn’t be captured, no matter the trap, she always found a way out. That garnered her the name, “Wild One.”

Alyssa’s favorite part of the work she does at Alley Cat Advocate’s is being the support for the caretakers who need it most. She loves to see how excited people get and how invested these caretakers are in the well-being of their community cats. She encourages anyone who is thinking about volunteering to just, “jump right in and give it a shot. No matter what you get involved with here, you know that what you do has an impact all across the Louisville area. You’re not only saving the lives of many cats, but you’re helping Louisville become a more compassionate city.”