Adoption information

2. One of our most important requirements is an exceptional vet history for current or past pets. This is why we ask for a vet reference. We verify that previous or current animals in the home are up to date on shots and have been spayed or neutered (unless there is an underlying health problem preventing same). This is a requirement and will NOT BE WAIVED.

4. Some dogs will not be placed in a home with cats or small children. This doesn’t mean the dog is aggressive or "not good with kids". Some dogs are just high energy, jumpy, or simply young and have the potential to knock over a small child. Other dogs have a high prey drive and chase cats and small animals. We make these determinations based on our experience with the animal. However we cannot test our dogs in every single possible situation.

We do our best, but all adopters are expected to use caution and common sense when introducing their new dog to new and unusual situations.

5. Some dogs will not be placed in homes with same sex, similar breed dogs. For the most part, our pit bull-type dogs, bulldogs, mastiffs, boxers and their mixes will not be placed in homes with other same sex, bully breed dogs. Some will not be placed in homes with a same sex dog of ANY breed. Again, we try to place this information on a dog’s bio page so that you are aware of this requirement before completing an application.

7. We are careful when adopting dogs and puppies to people who rent because many landlords have a weight limit for dogs. Since most of our dogs come from shelters and are of designer breeds (a/k/a mixed), we cannot guarantee how big a puppy will get. We can make an educated guess – but if there is a weight limit in your lease and you are applying to adopt a puppy, we have to take that into consideration. Please verify your landlord’s pet policy before completing an application.

8. Our dogs and cats are brought up to date on all shots, heartworm tested and treated if necessary, wormed, microchipped and spayed/neutered (age appropriate). However, most of our adoptables come from shelters or puppy mills and have unknown backgrounds. While we do our very best to make sure you are adopting a healthy dog or cat by having them examined by a vet (and any health issues that are found are treated), we cannot predict nor will we be responsible for, future health problems.

9. Because we are all volunteers with jobs, families, our own furry friends and our fosters, it may take a few days to get a response to your application. Don’t despair! We are working on it. Our goal is to find a perfect match, so that our dogs, cats and small fuzzies get wonderful forever homes. For this reason, we ask a lot of questions on our application and our follow up calls and emails. These questions are designed to help us make sure the animal you are interested in will be a good match for your home and situation.

10. Our foster families work hard to get to know the animals in their care, to learn about their personalities and their good and bad points so that the adoption will be a success. If for some reason there is a problem and the adoption is not working out, all animals MUST BE RETURNED TO US. This is part of our contract and we will enforce it. We do not want our animals to end up in shelters or to be given away.