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Each Campaign has its own separate progression track maxing out at Level 10 or 200,000 Campaign XP (CXP) in the current initial design. CXP is gained through successful Assignments, therefore each Campaign has its own separate pool of Assignments. In addition each Campaign rewards daily the first Assignment to get turned in for reward, with a significant CXP bonus. It should be noted however that the maximum amount of CXP that can be gained for each track is limited to 10,000 per day, per character.

Campaigns also have their own queue, consisting of three available Assignments, each already tied with an Event, and a preview of the next two Assignments in the queue. Only the three available Assignments are plannable and can be started, if a free Assignment Slot is available; any available Assignment is also passable and can be discarded, if the character owns at least one Pass Token.

When starting or discarding an Assignment, the next one from the queue becomes available, and gets tied to a randomly assigned Event.

Each Assignment is identified by the Campaign it belongs to and consists of quality/rarity, requirements, duration, and rewards. Campaigns may even share identical Assignments, with the only difference being the CXP tied to the specific Campaign; some of those Assignments may have their name altered between the Campaigns. In general each Assignment in a Campaign has a similar, if not identical counterpart in the other Campaign.

The quality of an Assignment vaguely corresponds to the requirements of an Assignment; lower quality Assignments will have lower requirements than higher quality Assignments. The total Stats requirement ranges from 30–115 for Common Assignments, 120–195 for Uncommon, 205–285 for Rare, and 290–380 for Very Rare Assignments. Within those ranges the Assignment duration will increase. Other rules apply for Epic quality Assignments which form the Tour of Duty. It is not confirmed to what extent the quality also indicates the rarity, the chance of an Assignment to be queued from the Campaign’s Assignment pool.

The requirements of an Assignment are the necessary Stats from the Admiralty Ship Cards, in order to guarantee success; Stats are split into ENG, TAC and SCI points. For a 100% chance of a Success the required points have at least to be matched exactly in each category; excess points in a single category flow over into the rating for a Critical outcome, but do not count toward the chance of a Success outcome. Any Assignment can be started with at least one Ship slotted, even if the requirements aren’t met, allowing for a Failed outcome.

The duration of an Assignment is the lockout period during which Ship Cards are tied to the Assignment (plus their individual Ship Maintenance cooldown). Assignment durations range from 15 minutes to 4 hours in 15 minute increments. The duration correlates directly (but not linearly) to the potential base CXP, as well as the potential innate Skill Point (SP) reward of an Assignment. Also additional rewards increase with requirement and duration, including Energy Credits, Dilithium Ore, Skill Points, Prisoners, Colonists, 1x-Use Admiralty Ships, and R&D Materials. Note that the innate SP is not obvious to calculate, as KDF rewards focus on additional Dilithium Ore, while Federation rewards focus on additional Skill Points for the same exact Assignment.

The reward of each Assignment is based on multiple factors. Each Assignment presents its base rewards, without factoring in bonuses of the ships assigned to it. The primary determination factor is the duration of an Assignment; a 15 minute Assignment rewards 90 CXP (base) and 562 SP (base), increasing non-linear to a 4 hour Assignment rewarding 720 CXP (base) and 4500 SP (base), no matter of the Assignment quality. The secondary determination factor is the requirement of an Assignment (and its deducted quality), that defines the additional rewards.

In addition, Events will always be attached to an Assignment, and often will modify requirements and Critical chances, but can also add rewards. An Assignment and its randomly assigned Event are always inseparable and have to be attempted (or passed) together. When turned in for reward (on Success or Critical), the Event will grant its reward at the same time (if it has one).

Finally, on a Critical outcome the Assignment reward will often include one Pass Token that can be used to pass or discard an available Assignment, which are useful for Assignments with unobtainable requirements (for example an Event modifying +100 ENG/TAC/SCI, or +50 ALL on a Very Rare Assignment). Furthermore, the additional reward will be increased in general, as well as the Event reward there is one. There are some circumstances (yet unknown, if intended or not), when Critical outcomes may even reward two Pass Tokens or none at all.

The Tour of Duty (ToD) is a repeatable 10-part chain of Epic quality Assignments, specific to each Campaign. The ToD-Assignments are not tied to the Campaign progress, other than that they reward significant CXP and Skill Points. Each ToD-Assignment has a 20 hour duration, and a base reward of 2,160 CXP and 13,500 , with the "10 of 10" ToD-Assignment being the only one, to reward by itself anything else than CXP and SP; the rewards are individual by Campaign: