Acology announces partnership with boveda inc

CORONA, CA –(Marketwired – January 03, 2017) – Prior to traveling to Canada this week to conclude business that may dramatically expand business throughout North America, Acology Inc. What is recommended indoor humidity level (OTC PINK: ACOL) announced a partnership with Boveda Inc. What is the best home humidity level and will begin immediately to place the state-of-the-art, patented 2-way humidity packs into their signature product, the MedTainer™.

Available in multiple sizes and humidity levels, Boveda is the only company in the world that can solve intermediate moisture needs and maintain the ideal humidity content of the items inside containers, whether they be plastic or glass. What is the best humidity inside a house Boveda is FDA-compliant and is manufactured primarily from natural elements, salt and water. What is the best humidity level for a home Boveda humidity packs have become one of the key components for cannabis growers and manufacturers in keeping their products properly hydrated. What is the best humidity level for a house In addition, each Boveda pack also contains a mold-inhibitor.

With the addition of a Boveda pack in each retail and wholesale MedTainer offered for sale internationally the end-user can be assured of a fresh, properly-maintained product. What is the best humidity level for a room Please visit the attached media describing the relationship of how Boveda and the MedTainer will work together.

Acology begins the new year in the enviable position of being the only pharmaceutical container made from FDA approved PP#5 that is certified child-resistant and can be purchased world-wide. What is the best humidity level for your home Vendors, retailers and end-users can now be assured that wherever Acology products are sent the contents will arrive properly maintained and ready for use.

For investor or sales information please visit Acology Inc. What is the best humidity level in a home and D&C Distributors online or by phone. What is the best humidity level in a house The company is located in their production and distribution facility at 1620 Commerce St. What is the best humidity level in your home Corona, California, 92880.

Acology trades on the OTC under the call letters ACOL. What is the best humidity level indoors The company’s websites are for the hospice and palliative care industry and for the recreational and medical marijuana industry. What is the best humidity level inside a house Orders for Acology products can be taken online and by phone. What is the best indoor humidity level Custom orders are especially welcome. What is the best level of humidity in a home Please send all inquiries to or call (844) ACOLOGY (844-226-5649). What is the correct humidity for inside a house Acology can also be accessed through Twitter and Instagram at @Acologyinc

This press release includes statements that are covered by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. What is the correct humidity level for a house Because such statements deal with future events they are subject to risks and uncertainties and actual results for fiscal year 2016 and beyond could differ materially from the company’s current expectations. What is the correct humidity level in a house Forward-looking statements are identified by such words as “anticipates”, “projects”, “expects”, “planned”, “intends” and “believes” “estimate” “targets” and other similar expressions that indicate trends and future events. What is the correct indoor humidity level It is understood that investment entails risk on the part of the investor and could result in the loss of some or all his or her investment.

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