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To travel doesn’t have to be hard or too expensive, and the world isn’t as half as dangerous as some might think. In contrary, I have learned that we have way more in common with others than you might assume in the first place. We only have one world, and it’s far too beautiful and interesting to miss out on. Let’s explore the world together!

Okay, first and foremost, I will always remain a humble Southern Swede, even though I’m more and more feeling like a world citizen. When it comes to my articles and experiences I will always stay 100% honest, and I will never beautify a destination, hotel or restaurants. It doesn’t matter if I attend press trips, make sponsored posts or ads. You’ll always read about my experience and my thoughts, simple as that.

My readers, followers and the travel community, in general, will always be number 1.

Beyond classic and obvious tourist attractions/places, I often visit places off the beaten path and mix my travels from budget to luxury. There is no country or destination that I couldn’t think about exploring. Traveling locally is a lot of fun and I would rather eat at a local place or a unique restaurant than just sit down at a touristy one.

I believe that every living being is worth the same, and I want to showcase all of the beauty that the world has to offer. But I also don’t hesitate to share negative aspects that can be good to know before booking your trips. With that said, I do try to be positive at all times and describe places and experiences as objective as possible, but still from a personal perspective.

I make my own travel guides for every destination that I visit. The travel guides include everything you need to know before you book or travel there as well as useful tips during the trip. My goal is to create an extensive travel website who will inspire and help you to travel more and discover the amazing destinations our planet has to offer. Reviews

My goal is to write reviews for all hotels, restaurants, airline companies and other travel companies which I encounter during my trips. Research is an important part of traveling well to make the most out of your trips, and then it’s always a good idea to read about other people’s experiences before booking. Photography School & Inspiration

Photography is another topic on this website since it’s such an important part for many travelers as well as my passion. As a self-taught photographer, I want to show you that it sure is possible to learn to make good photos and that you don’t really need all that fancy gear to get amazing photos with great quality. Life as a Digital Nomad

At Gran Canaria, I met a lot of new people from different places, and I learned to be more open-minded as a person. One could say that I got bitten by the travel bug because I fell in love with the life abroad and the freedom that comes with it. Since then I’ve worked and lived in several countries and visited 50 countries, and never once looked back.

While my life was changed forever, I was at that time still dependent on having a regular job. After two winter seasons at Gran Canaria, working as a bartender and waiter, I decided to move to the Greek island of Rhodes and work at the Scandinavian bar street. I got the job as a ticket seller, which came naturally since I had been working as a salesman before leaving Sweden in 2010. At this time, I was also a bit shy, especially when meeting new people (I know, quite weird right? since a seller is often the opposite).

The job as a ticket seller was pushing me towards becoming less shy and getting out of my comfort zone. This changed everything for me since I discovered that it’s possible to expand the comfort zone that is holding you back. When this happened something else happened inside of me, I think this is the literal meaning of becoming more adult and what personal growth really means.

From this moment I started to dream about living life exactly like I wanted to. I started to search on Google on how it was possible to live a location independent life. What I discovered was groundbreaking. There were actually people who were living my dream already. I started to look further into how and what they were doing. And the truth is, there are many ways one could achieve a location independent life, but to succeed you need to find what you’re passioned about. For me it was travel blogging and everything that comes with it.

Because I had to learn everything by myself, I literally did nothing else for about six months in my hometown Helsingborg, I was so focused to learn about everything that I needed to know to make my dream come true. It was difficult at times, and sure I almost lost hope sometimes, but my dream of traveling the world was pushing me forward.

Since 2015, I’m location independent, and the only thing I need now is a reliable Wi-Fi signal for blogging and posting photos on my social media channels. Along with blogging, I’m also a freelance photographer. My passion for photography was developed very late in my life, and it wasn’t until my round trip in South East Asia that I fully discovered that taking pictures is awesome.