9 Organic latex mattress – botanical bliss

As America’s largest distributor of ARPICO organic dunlop latex, PlushBeds brings the world’s finest latex directly from ARPICO’s certified organic plantations to your bedroom. More expensive than natutal talalay latex or traditional dunlop latex, certified organic latex as per the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) is all natural latex that has been processed using only organically-grown, milky-white latex sap tapped from the rubber tree grown without chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides, as well as being grown using one or more sustainable energy sources.

Unlike talalay latex, which is infused with excess air to be light and fluffy (ideal for pillows and top comfort layers), organic latex provides a heavier and more dense mattress core which is where the support of your mattress comes from.

The core is the largest, most expensive component of a latex mattress and a high quality core can be the difference between years of long lasting support or unpleasant sagging indentations after a short period of time.

Selecting a mattress online, trusting website information, was a huge step for me. Due to extreme illness/CIRS/MCS – my body simply cannot process the gasses emitted by most mattresses/furniture. I live in a controlled home environment with no textiles, no furniture made of any material other than metal and/or glass. I knew the day would come when I would need to replace my very old, but safe, rubber air bed. That said, after comparing other organic latex choices sold online, I chose Plushbeds due to 2 basic reasons: the mattress cover was knitted versus woven; and; the website contained much more detailed information about the materials used and the certifications. Phone contact is a bit problematic – however, I will testify to a potential buyer, that if you will not give up contacting Plushbeds by phone, you will be rewarded with customer service support that far exceeds any other I’ve experienced. My bed, once it arrived, turned out to be a tad too firm for my bones. No problem. I simply called, was able to add a 3" soft organic latex topper and am looking forward to receiving that soon. The quality of the mattress "case" is solid – very well made. Also – for those who are sensitive to gasses emitted by textiles of any sort, even those of an organic origin, this mattress is your best choice. I did unzip the cover completely and use charcoal blankets between the latex layers for about 18 hours. I did sleep on it before I did this though with no problem. The mattress has no odor. Please be advised that I am unusually sensitive to chemicals. If it passes my body’s test, I do believe anyone else out there will be ultra-safe. Customer support is exemplary – honest and you will be well taken care of. A superior mattress and superior company staff members! Thank you!

After a year of playing Goldilocks and trying out beds at every mattress store in the Salt Lake Valley we stumbled on PlushBeds. We read countless reviews, talked to their customer service and were so impressed we ordered a king set. Originally we bought a talalay top that was too firm and they graciously and expediently replaced it with a softer one. I have degenerative disk disease and osteoarthritis and my husband suffers from a slightly lesser version of the same. We have owned our bed for seven years now and all we can say is, "this is the best bed ever!" It has retained its shape and we only rotate the mattress every few years (I know we should do this more often, but it’s not easy to rotate any mattress at our age). We still don’t have any body compression in the mattress, which I can tell you is NOT the case with other mattresses no matter how "high-end" they claim to be. Our grown kids love to house-sit for us just so they can sleep in our bed! We never get too hot or too cold, it’s really just the best bed we’ve ever owned….and we’ve owned a few mattresses over the years. If anything ever happened to our bed we would buy another PlushBed without the slightest hesitation.

A miracle? I am 155 lbs. and have a very very bad back. I spent 3-1/2 years in bed except getting up to use the bathroom. I have always awoken in pain every few hours and laid awake for hours in pain. We have had 2 mattresses in the last 15 years the first was one the best spring coil mattresses available which sagged terribly in 3 years time. And then for my back pain we purchased a firm 3,500.00 Tempurpedic and it continually got softer and softer till it had a 3 inch crater . the pain finally was so bad it hurt as much to lay lown as stand. then I FOUD Plushbeds their truly unbelievable upper 5 star rating made be buy it. and for much less than half of the tempurpedic. this matress with its 5 star coustomer service and their split top/dual soft to hard topper choices you can exchange changeout I knew this was perfect I like the med firm , but my wife likes plush. well my side was perfect the first time but my wife wanted a softer top so I phoned they are so wonderfull so for absolutely free after a small refundable deposit they sent a softer topper for my wife the easy zipper made it a breeze to replace it and now we are both happy {hint useing the same huge plastic bag use a vacuum to suck the air out of the returning mattress it was tiny and easy to get back in the box[ . Now I do not wake up in pain every few hours wand when I do wake up the pain is minimal I could get up and walk right away it is truly amazing what a high quality firm mattress can due for your whole health. don’t waist your money anywhere else coils wear out air is hard and doesn’t contour . water is soft and dumb inside your house and the supposedly best {Most Expensive} foam mattress tempurpeic does not last at all. With the adjustability of Plushbeds history and their AAA+++ 5 star customer service I am not worried about any problems with their 25 year guarantee. EVERYBODY with their 100 night guarantee do not buy any other mattress this one is perfect or with a few adjustments IT WILL BE MADE PERFECT . thanks larry