9 myths about feeding dogs a barf diet – little dog tips

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Kibble feeders and raw feeders argue. meat grinder kitchenaid metal Raw feeders argue among themselves (BARF v. meat grinder kitchenaid attachment Whole Prey). meat grinder kitchenaid reviews Cooked diet feeders argue with raw feeders.

meat grinder kitchenaid mixer And then you have the anti-raw feeders – they argue with everyone.

I feed my dogs a BARF diet and so today I’d like to dispel some of the most common myths around feeding dogs a BARF diet. weston meat grinder canada So What’s a B.A.R.F. meat grinder canada free shipping Diet?

And in a nutshell that’s what it is. electric meat grinder canada Feeding your dog the appropriate food he or she is meant to eat based on their biology. meat grinder parts for kitchenaid Myth #1 – Bones are Dangerous for My Dog

Raw bones on the other hand, will only impact your dog’s life in a positive way. thunderbird meat grinder parts Raw bones are soft, chewable and easily digested. commercial meat grinder uk They provide a major source of calcium and phosphorus, making them a very important part of a dog’s diet.

And no one can ignore the amazing teeth cleaning benefits of feeding raw bones. deni 3500 meat grinder parts None of my 3 dogs have ever needed dental work, and my eldest, Charley is 9 years old. deni meat grinder manual Her gnashers are beautifully clean.

Because a BARF diet is essentially a raw ground diet, there’s no need to feed your dog whole bones. deni meat grinder attachments Although, I do recommend doing it anyway (but more about that later). oster food processor replacement parts Myth #2 – Raw Meat Will Make My Dog Aggressive

This myth originally stems from the transition to a BARF diet. oster food chopper parts Many dog owners experience their dog as more protective over their food when they’re first exposed to a raw diet.

This is simply because your dog sees the raw meat and bones as a higher value food source than the regular bowl of kibble you offer them at meal times. oster 14 cup food processor replacement parts And once your dog realizes this food is ‘for real’ and not a one-off, the protectiveness usually disappears.

If you’re feeding 2 or more dogs, I’d suggest feeding them separately to begin with. oster blender food processor replacement parts Just to avoid dog-dog aggression. weston meat grinder attachments Although I never had this problem with mine.

So don’t worry. kitchenaid meat grinder blade replacement A diet containing raw meat will not turn your dog into Stephen King’s Cujo! A dog that’s aggressive towards humans, needs further training and possibly the input from a behaviorist. electric meat grinder walmart canada Myth #3 – Raw Diets are too Expensive

Meats like turkey, beef or chicken are your go to muscle meats. kitchenaid food chopper blade But rabbit, deer and other ‘wild meats’ are perfect for a BARF diet too. kitchenaid food chopper blade stuck Just pick up whatever specials you find – this will save you money and help with that diversifying.

You’ll be amazed at the great deals you can find on human grade meat. hobart meat grinder replacement parts Finding a high quality supplier of meat is critical to ensuring that you get the best meat for your buck.

Also, increased dog health means a huge amount of savings on vet bills. hobart meat grinder blades Money you can put towards preparing high quality meals with the best ingredients. kitchener 32 meat grinder parts And you’re still likely to be spending less than you are on vet bills.

It’s true. meat grinding attachment kitchenaid The lifespan of our dogs is increasing, and it is claimed that this is due to the rise of the kibble diet. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment canadian tire But, it can be also be argued that this increase in lifespan is actually due to the improved medical care that our beloved dogs receive in today’s modern world.

Yes, kibbled dog food has vitamins and minerals. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment kohls But those are added after the baking process. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment metal So they don’t have the same nutritional value as whole foods do. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment walmart Myth #5 – A BARF Diet is not Balanced

Feeding your dog only raw meat is not a balanced diet and will lead to problems. kitchenaid stand mixer meat grinder reviews But, if you are feeding your a variety of meats, bones, eggs, fruits and veggies, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

A BARF diet prepared with this in mind will even out over time providing the correct the proportions of fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that your best friend needs.

The vast majority of pet food companies state that your dog will require every meal to have a balanced nutritional profile. kitchenaid meat grinder metal shavings This is simply not true and impossible to achieve.

Look at your dog’s diet like you do your own. meat grinder for kitchenaid mixer target You don’t painstakingly calculate each meal to the finest nutritional value – unless you’re a bodybuilder. best meat grinder for kitchenaid mixer You eat a balanced diet with healthy, whole foods and the rest is taken care of by mother nature. grinding meat kitchenaid mixer Myth #6 – Canines are too Far Removed from Wolves to Thrive on a BARF Diet

It is true that dogs of today are different from wolves. kitchenaid mixer meat grinder attachment review But it’s only their external appearance and behavior that’s changed. tasin ts 108 electric meat grinder canada The anatomy and physiology of your dog is still very much the same as a wolf.

And to further debunk this myth it has been found that dogs and wolves share 99.8% of their mitochondrial DNA (Wayne, R.K. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment canada Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family).

A BARF diet made from fresh, whole ingredients supports your dog’s immune system for optimal health – just like nature intended. kitchenaid meat grinder canadian tire Myth #7 – Dogs Don’t Need Fruits and Veggies in Their Diets

Often times in the wild, a wolf pack will eat whatever partially digested vegetation is left in the prey animal’s stomach. weston 22 meat grinder canada Dogs, like wolves are omnivores and scavengers by nature – they can eat just about anything.

Vegetables – especially green leafy ones – are an excellent source of health promoting antioxidants and phytochemicals, vitamins and enzymes. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment stainless steel And the natural fiber found in veggies helps with digestion. meat grinder attachment for kitchenaid kohls Increased digestion means your dog’s body is making use of all those wonderful nutrients it’s getting.

And, no, your dog does not need starch or grains as a source of carbohydrates. meat grinder attachment kitchenaid It’s fruits that give the carbs they need. kitchenaid food grinder attachment kohls Fruits are valuable energy foods for your pooch.

Both fruits and veggies help to alkalize the body. best meat grinder attachment for kitchenaid stand mixer Keeping the alkalinity and acidity of a diet in equilibrium is very important in keeping your dog in tip top shape.

Your dogs stomach becomes more acidic when they eat a raw diet. chefs choice meat grinder attachment for kitchenaid mixers review But the liver, pancreas, heart, hormones, gallbladder and kidneys all function far better in a more alkaline environment. hobart 4332 meat grinder parts A body high in acidity can give cause to inflammation which this can then escalate into more serious chronic diseases.

So keeping things in balance with fruits and veg is ideal. hobart 4822 meat grinder parts Balance is especially important as your dog begins his or her senior years. manual meat grinder cast iron Which is when most degenerative diseases rear their ugly heads. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment ebay Fruits and veggies work their magic to do this in a natural way. manual meat grinder canada Myth #8 – The Bacteria in Raw Food will Harm My Dog

But your dog is designed to deal with bacteria. kitchenaid food grinder canadian tire Your pooch carries an enzyme in their saliva called Lysozyme, which has antibacterial qualities.

Also, a dog’s stomach has a pH level of 2. kitchenaid food chopper canadian tire As I mentioned, this is a very acidic environment in which most bacteria has no chance of survival.

Your dog also has a uniquely designed digestive tract which is very short. meat grinding attachment for kitchenaid mixer A short digestive tract coupled with a highly acidic environment means bacteria doesn’t have any time to colonize.

As a point of interest, when dogs eat a raw diet their bodies will quickly let you know if something is out of wack. hobart meat grinder 32 I do poop patrol everyday and have never seen any worms or signs of imbalance.

In fact, a BARF diet is perfect for smaller breeds because the ingredients are ground up – bone and all. hobart meat grinder for sale So your little dog gets all the goodness without you worrying about trying to fish out a chicken bone that’s gone wrong.

Keep in mind if you’re a petite pooch parent, that with a BARF diet you don’t need to feed whole bones at all. hobart meat grinder 4332 for sale But I do recommend substituting at least 2 meals a week with a juicy raw, meaty bone.

It’s great for cleaning teeth like I mentioned earlier, but it also stimulates their natural drive to gnaw, rip and tear. hobart meat grinder used for sale Your pooch might be little but there’s as much wolf in them as a Husky, German Shepherd or Rottweiler.

But once you get into the groove – it’s easy. cuisinpro electric meat grinder review And when you see the physical and psychological changes in your dog you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner.

Diet wise I think there are so many diets out there and I say that people should do what they feel is right for their pets – it’s like anything else each body/pet is different.

01. meat grinder attachments for kitchenaid mixers Bones – Layla gets Beef Neck Bones – one a day as she is a 15 lb monster LOL. meat grinder for sale south africa I par boil them and my vet says that is fine – they keep her teeth clean and she loves chewing on them

03. meat grinder for sale walmart I cook Layla’s food mixing her turkey meat with veggies and fruits and its working for her perfectly especially as I have in the past had so many allergy problems with her.