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Have you ever called a customer service hotline and wondered where your call was forwarded? In the past, major companies outsourced their customer service departments to exotic locations like India, China and Pakistan. However, thanks to the rise of U.S.-based business process outsourcing firms, much of customer service is handled by U.S. or Canada-based virtual agents who might live anywhere, even next door to you.

This means that you too can become a customer service representative, and right in the comfort of your own home. The requirements for becoming a customer service representative aren’t much; typically, you’re required to have a computer, high-speed Internet connection, landline phone, headset and a dedicated quiet area. Most work-at-home customer service companies will also train you to get you up to speed.

Customer service reps earn between $7.50-$16/hour on average. Help companies and get paid to do so.

This company focuses on providing call center support for non-profit pledge drives and fundraisers. You are paid as an independent contractor at the starting rate of 23 cents/minute and can go as high as 35 cents/minute via bonus pay and raises. However, the minutes are only earned while you are on the phone. Thus, if you work during non-peak hours, you will not earn very much money. This also means that, if you are just starting out with ACD, you will be earning very little because the senior ICs get first dibs on time slots.

This company specializes in online event management for outfits like IronMan, Kraft, YMCA, State of California, etc. Most of Active Network’s customer service jobs are offered through its on-site locations; however, there is also a batch of work-at-home jobs that are offered through the company’s Work-at-Home Department on a part-time and seasonal basis. It also appears that the company offers a certain percentage of its part-time work-at-home workers a chance to go full-time.

Yes, you too can work for Apple- and all from the comfort of your own home. At Applecare, you can become an At-home Advisor (i.e., Customer Service and Support) and help customers with their iPhones, iPads, iMacs and other iThings. The company hires its at-home workers as employees and requires 20 hour workweeks via 6 hour shifts. Occasional weekend time may be required.

This company hires customer service agents that help people with their medication routines. In other words, as a Pleio Goodstart agent, you will be calling people and reminding them to take their medication and/or providing information about their prescriptions. You will also spend some time actively recruiting people to sign-up for the GoodStart program.

If you’re handy with computers and other IT items and/or have IT support experience, this company may be for you. teleNetwork offers full-time work-at-home IT technical support jobs that pay $8-$9/hour; there are opportunities to earn $1 raises as you gain seniority. The company offers plenty of benefits to its employees including health, dental and vision insurance, vacation time and holiday pay. You may also earn commissions based on product upselling.