5 Best ways himalayan salt lamps can be used for your home decor – kukun

We spend most of our time in our home and office. But unfortunately, most of us, don’t have much time and resources to spend on the decor of these two places. But there are many things that can not only help you decorate your home and office in no time but also can save your money as well. You just need to search a bit to find such things. Here, we will tell you about one of such things and that are the very gorgeous Himalayan salt lamps.

These lamps are made with big Himalayan salt chunks that are hand mined from Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. These handcrafted salt lamps are of different unique shapes and sizes to suit every décor. When heated, these lamps give off a very beautiful warm and subtle glow that makes the whole environment so serene and relaxed.

These lamps are more than just a decoration piece. These lamps act as natural air purifiers and through their neutralization effect, improve the quality of the air. These lamps are also said to have so many health benefits as well. They could be an amazing addition to any place for creating a balanced and relaxed atmosphere. So, what could be better than having a beautiful salt lamp at your place that can also have positive impact on your mind and body? Let’s find out some of the amazing ways on how these stunning lamps will work best with your home and office décor. Place It in Your Bedroom

A Himalayan salt lamp is one of the best gifts of nature for us. Why not get most of its benefits by placing it near you. You can place it on the side table of your bed. You can also place it on your reading table. Its subtle glow is very gentle for the eyes. Unlike other lamps, it will help you in improving your sleep cycle. It can be the best gift for people who are suffering from insomnia. These unique pieces of nature are amazing night light bulbs and can make your room cozy and comforting. Just choose from a wide range of different shapes and sizes of salt lamps and make your bedroom the coziest place for you to relax. Incorporate It in Your Kitchen’s Décor

A living room is a place where you spend time with your family. Why not make this place more lively and vibrant using salt lamps. There are also so many electronics (T.V, air conditioner and mobile phones etc.) in the living room that emit harmful electromagnetic radiations. Placing salt lamps in your living room will not only enhance the décor with their beautiful look and pink hue but also mitigate the effect of all these radiations by emitting negative ions in the air. Their warm radiance and negative ions will make the environment tranquil and peaceful.

Your office table is one of the best places to put these stunning lamps. It will protect you from dangerous positive ions produced by all the electronics around you. It will also improve your mood and concentration and ultimately increase your productivity. This incredibly versatile lamp will add beautiful light and good energy to your office. Its gentle light will ease your eyes and help you relax during your hectic work. At Your Office Entrance

A good office décor will not only make your employees feel good about their workplace but also have a good impact on your guests as well. Himalayan salt lamps are wonderful decoration pieces that will add value to your office décor. Incorporating these lamps in your office decor will improve the ambiance and atmosphere of the office. Placing them at the entrance of your office or at the start and end of the stairs will make a welcoming environment. It will also reflect your good taste in office décor