4 Day gym workout routine for men

Half reps and not using full range of motion is only something I would only recommend to elite lifters who are extremely advanced and use things like board presses to overload their lockouts, etc. The guys at your gym are either using a “bro science” time under tension half reps, they are trying to look like they put up more, or they just don’t know any better.

I’ve written a whole series on how to get stronger on all of the main compound lifts with a barbell (look on the side, it’s a menu) and if you stick with full range of motion movements you will see that you are going to surpass them shortly. Also when you look at these guys that are huge, look at the physical size of them, how long they have been lifting, etc. I’ve seen guys that are 240 pounds that can squat 600+ for reps that don’t look like they even lift simply because they choose to have more body fat on their bodies.

Their arms are 19″, they have to wear pants 2 sizes up from what they regularly do because their legs are too big. If they were to cut down to under 15% bodyfat they would look huge like the guys you see are.

There are people in my gym that half rep 135 on bench and look jacked but they get on the scale and weigh 145 pounds and they have low bodyfat… There’s a difference. I think if you stay going and working on getting stronger, eat healthy and recover.. A year is going to go by and you’re going to glance in the mirror and you will be freaked out how much your body has changed.

Things are going great with my routine. I have seen steady gains in most areas and am genuinely happy with the manner in which I have been progressing. Unfortunately, my football career has left me with nagging injuries that I don’t anticipate getting better anytime soon, if ever. I have learned to live and work through most of them, however sometimes they are exacerbated by certain exercises. I have chronic tendonitis in my triceps and skullcrushers cause some serious inflammation. I have been researching an alternative exercise but wanted your opinion as to something I substitute that will still target the muscle properly.

BTW – Deadlifts are quickly becoming my favorite exercise. I set a long term goal of 600 lbs and really feel that in two years time I can get there. Bench is on the rise, but I saw some old dude throw up 315 like it was nothing and it felt like a drop kick to my ego. My days of 425 a bench are far behind me, but I’d like to get as close as I can. I bench twice a week, once with the 25 rep goal and then again on shoulder day with lighter weight and higher reps. Both are flat bench. Would incorporating incline bench help to increase power and strength? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I finally had time to sit down and type it out. Look forward to hearing from you.

First off, love the site. I am 48, but new to weight lifting. This has been by far the best site I’ve found for what I feel like is realistic information. So many sites seem to be centered around guys who are much more advanced than I am. I’m lifting to lose fat and regain some of the strength that I’ve lost as I’ve gotten older. I’m 6’1″ and 230 pounds with 29% body fat. I really don’t care how much I weigh, but I definitely need to get leaner. I’m hoping lifting does the trick. I tried running a few years ago. Lost a lot of weight, finished a marathon, looked like I was sick. I don’t need to be skinny; I need to be leaner.

I’ve been doing this plan for about a month and have gained 8 pounds. I think its working because my pants still fit the same, so I’m assuming the weight gain is muscle. I haven’t changed my eating because I have been focusing on learning how to lift. Now the plan is to adding in an 80/20 eating plan. I really enjoy lifting. I don’t even mind doing 20 minutes of intense cardio after my workout.

Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad I’ve been able to connect with you in that sense. I’ve known a few people that “cardio’d” their weight away and they look pretty sickly afterwards due to all muscle loss. Weight gain is okay – it means you’re building some muscle and recomping your body. Cardio and conditioning is good – I look at it as heart conditioning more than a way to lose weight.. because running on a treadmill for 20 minutes and only burning a couple hundred calories just doesn’t seem the most efficient way to burn calories :).

80/20 is a great way to go – you aren’t limiting yourself so much that you have super cravings and you are giving yourself some room to not start becoming orthorexic or develop bad ocd tenancies with your eating. I personally would take creatine as soon as I would wake up – granted I went to the gym shortly after, but I don’t feel that timing is necessarily that important. If it is, it’s only by a marginal % which you shouldn’t worry about. I would recommend coming up with a routine and sticking to it. If that means waking up every morning and taking your supplements and downing the creatine then, or before bed, or after your workout, whatever works… just be consistent.

In regards to the bent over laterals, higher volume face pulls and reverse pec dec would be two other good options. I’ve noticed an improvement with my shoulders now that I work my rear delts. I had a bad imbalance in my front delts from all of the pressing and front deltoid movements that my shoulders were not healthy – it is a common thing that many people don’t care too much about. Face pulls and the bent over laterals are great for your traps as well.. it’s one of my favorite movements really.