$2500 Lyft sign up bonus (august 2018) – how to get yours today

Basically, if you sign up to drive for Lyft using a Lyft driver referral code, you will get your bonus. If you don’t use a code when you first sign up, you won’t get a Lyft driver bonus. Lyft used to have two types of driver sign up bonuses – the lump sum bonus and the per ride bonus. In 2017 though, the company mostly phased out the lump sum Lyft driver bonus. The Lyft bonus for drivers, whether it’s for $500 or $50, is now paid out per ride instead.

The old Lyft driver bonus required a driver to complete certain number of rides in a set amount of time. If the driver succeeded, he or she would get their entire Lyft driver bonus at once, after completing all the rides. For example, the bonus in Chicago may have given a driver a lump sum of $750 for completing 150 rides in 45 days.

Or, they may have offered new drivers in Atlanta $350 for completing 75 rides in 30 days. The time given to complete the required number of rides ranged from 30 to 100 days. This type of lump sum Lyft driver bonus is pretty much nonexistent at this point.

So, you can still get the same Lyft driver bonus amount, but you get it a little bit at a time. The great thing about this style of bonus is that if you complete 75% of the required rides, you get 75% of your Lyft driver bonus. If the Lyft bonus was still lump sum, you would not get a any Lyft driver bonus Examples Of The Current Lyft Bonuses

Say you sign up to drive for Lyft in San Diego with a $600 bonus. The bonus might be paid out at $3 extra per ride on the first 200 rides. On a Lyft bonus of this size, the new driver would probably have 45 to 60 days to complete the rides. So, for each ride the driver gave during that time, they’d receive a $2 bonus from Lyft, on top of their regular pay from the ride.

The numbers and ride requirements listed in the above Lyft driver promos are just hypothetical examples. So, even if you sign up to drive for Lyft in Boston or San Diego, the above numbers may not be your Lyft driver bonus. Even within a city, the Lyft bonus amount can differ. Once, I saw a Washington D.C. Lyft driver referral code for $800, and another for $200, in the same week! One offered a Lyft bonus of $800 for 200 rides, while the other Lyft driver bonus offered $200 for 50 rides. The Per Ride Lyft Bonus Has Mostly Replaced The Lump Sum Bonus

Overall, the per ride type of bonus is far more common than the lump sum bonus. Also, many drivers actually prefer this type of Lyft sign up bonus compared to the lump sum bonus. The reason is that this Lyft bonus is paid out as the new driver completes rides, which means you start getting your bonus as soon as you start driving! One of the complaints about the old Lyft system was that the ride requirements to get the sign up bonus were too high for part time drivers. This bonus addresses that issue so that every new driver will get a Lyft driver bonus, provided they use a Lyft code when siging up to drive.

Besides that, it’s always good to have a backup source of revenue in case you get deactivated from the Uber system, even temporarily. This happened to a driver I knew. A passenger claimed she was driving under the influence (she doesn’t drink). When something like this happens, both Uber and Lyft will temporarily deactivate the driver for 48 hours while they investigate. She was reactivated 48 hours later, but that deactivation cost her a quest bonus that week. She’s now signed up for both Uber and Lyft.

When you sign up to drive for Lyft, the size of your Lyft driver bonus varies based on the referrer and the region you’ll be driving in. The amount of your bonus is not dependent on which Lyft driver code you use. If you use the Lyft driver referral code RSCLYFT, you’ll receive the same bonus that you would get if you used the code MOVER. The city you’re driving in is generally what determines the size of your Lyft driver bonus, not the individual Lyft code. About Lyft Driver Promo Codes From the Lyft site:

Lyft Bonus amounts and ride requirements may vary based on the referring driver and the region of the referred applicant. Referring drivers can view the bonus requirements for applicants they refer in their market through the driver portal or app. These requirements may be different if the referred applicant is in a different market than the referring driver.

Referred applicants may receive a communication from a referring driver with bonus requirements, however, please note that Lyft cannot control the final content of such communications and cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies that they may contain. Once a referred applicant has started their application, Lyft will send a confirmatory email to both the referring driver and referred applicant which will contain the relevant bonus amounts, ride requirements, and time limits needed to qualify for the bonus. Please contact us for details about your application. What Happens After I Submit My Lyft Driver Application?

As noted above, once you’ve begun your application, Lyft sends your confirmation email (sometimes it takes a few hours) with the amount of the Lyft driver promo bonus available in your city. Lyft also usually tells you your signup bonus amount after you click “Become a Driver.” From that point, approval usually takes between 2 and 7 days, but can take up to 3 or 4 weeks

The sign up bonus amounts change often, so it’s difficult to post a totally up to date chart for every city. However, the Lyft driver bonus amounts tend to be higher in newer markets and some of the larger markets around the country. Currently, a number of Lyft markets in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado have higher Lyft driver promo bonuses. The amount of the Lyft sign up bonus depends on the demand for Lyft drivers in that city.

You learn your way around very well, you meet new people, and you make money doing it. Most of the time, it’s very enjoyable. For me, Lyft was a great way to expand the circle of people I interact with. I’ve literally met thousands of people driving for Lyft from all walks of life, and I’ve made thousands of dollars in the process. On top of all that, Lyft is also a great way to network. I usually end each week with a couple of business cards, and also hand my own out. How do Lyft drivers get paid?

Lyft drivers are paid weekly via direct deposit. Drivers can also cash out instantly during the week (multiple times) as long as they’ve earned $5 or more. If you use your code to refer new Lyft passengers, you receive your Lyft bonus when the new Lyft rider uses your code to start a Lyft account, and takes their first ride. If you use your code to refer new Lyft drivers, you start receiving your bonus the moment the new Lyft driver gives a ride. What are the other driver bonuses Lyft offers?

Besides the Lyft driver sign up bonus, Lyft also offers the Power Driver Bonus. If I driver completes a certain number of rides (with some during peak hours) and keeps a 90% acceptance rate, they receive a bonus. The bonus is either a cash bonus on top of weekly earnings (usually $100-$250), or Lyft takes a smaller commission. There are two levels to the Power Driver Bonus. If you give enough rides to qualify for the first level, instead of taking 25% of the fares for that week, Lyft will only take 15%. If you qualify for the second level bonus, Lyft only takes 5%.

You can also use your Lyft code to refer new Lyft drivers and riders. Lyft even lets you create your own catchy code that you can put on business cards. You can also post your code on your social media accounts. That way, your friends and followers can use your Lyft driver referral code to get a Lyft driver bonus or get discounted Lyft rides.

Overall, weekends are the most lucrative time to drive for Lyft. Not just weekend nights, the whole weekend. Also, traffic is lighter overall on weekends, so you get better mileage. Besides that, the morning and evening rush hours are where the most money is. When I drive for Lyft, do I have to give a minimum number of rides to stay active?

Not really. The bonus amount tends to be based on the city you want to drive in more than the specific Lyft driver promo code. There is one exception. There is a type of code that offers $100 for completing one ride. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend using this kind of code, because in most markets, the Lyft driver bonus amount exceeds $100. However, if the Lyft driver bonus in your market is lower than $100, you may want to use a $100 for one ride code. However, that type of promo code is rare. What are Lyft driver hourly guarantees?

• First, you’ll need to opt in when you get a new text or notification about guarantee hours. Each week, we have an opt-in limit, and we change which cities to offer guarantee hours to, so not everyone will be able to opt in. Eligible drivers can opt in directly through the Driver Dashboard. Drivers can opt in at any time directly before a guaranteed hour begins, but they’ll only qualify for the hours that haven’t occurred.

Lyft drivers can usually drive in other cities in their state. However, because Lyft requires insurance documents to be from the state you’re in, you can usually not cross state lines to drive in another city. There are some exceptions, like the tri-state area of New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Can Lyft drivers see what a passenger tips?

While you’re basically driving people around and getting paid, you meet a lot of interesting people driving for Lyft, and you can even network while you drive. I met one driver who marketed his interior design business to riders and picked up a number of clients. Another driver marketed his hand crafted jewelry business while driving and more than doubled his income. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.