23 Ways for military families to earn extra money vista military

The US military does provide wages and benefits, but with the rising cost of living and with families sometimes finding their expenses increasing, many military families turn to additional work to raise extra income. In addition, military spouses and family members sometimes have their own reasons for seeking extra work. They may like the idea of extra spending money or they may want to build their resume, even when stationed overseas.

If you’re great with photo editing, design or any creative task, there are businesses and individuals willing to hire you. You can even work as a freelance researcher, transcriber, composer or photographer. Craigslist, FlexJobs and other sites advertise these positions. You can also place ads in local business magazines or online, promoting your services.

If you can create fun videos people will want to share and see, you can become a YouTuber. If your video gets enough views, you will earn money each month. To earn money this way, you will need to get a lot of viewers and subscribers. To do that, you will need to create videos people will want to watch and you will need to promote them through social media. You will also need to upload often (at least once a week or more) to keep viewers coming back. Once you start getting more subscribers, you can even post ads on your page or earn money by posting sponsored videos.

If you’re crafty or good at working with your hands, you can sell items on Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, Shopify or your own website. If you want to produce larger quantities (or you’re not that crafty), you can work with a fulfillment and distribution company. You can send them a prototype of what you want to make (or pay someone to make a prototype) and the company will arrange manufacturing and even shipping of the final product.

Chances are, there are many things you know how to do that someone would pay money to learn. For example, if you performed well on the SATs, or are good at math, you can get a job as a tutor for high school students. If you’re overseas, there is a huge demand for English tutors. Whether you can fix a car, cook on a BBQ, play guitar, sing or sew, there is a demand for a teacher like you.

Today, most professionals and even everyday people have multiple social media accounts. However, running an online platform or brand takes a lot of work. Many doctors, lawyers and other professionals hire someone to run their online presence for them. You can be paid for this work if you sign up with a company offering social media management services. You can also contact professionals directly if you notice they have not updated their social media accounts for some time. Offer your services for a fee.

Convenience stores and some retail stores (such as Wal-Mart) can be a great way to bring in extra money part-time. Many of these businesses like to hire military family members and service personnel, because they appreciate the hard work and discipline these workers bring to the job. You may be able to enjoy flexible hours and even evening shifts.

Depending on your salary, you may be able to pocket some of your military benefits and added pay. While not exactly work, it certainly helps when it’s time to pay the bills. For example, if you travel and get per diem pay, you can plan and budget before you travel to save on costs, so you can enjoy the difference when you get home. If you’re on active duty, you can sign up for hazardous duty for extra pay each month. You can also pack your own lunch to save on Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), or rent a more modest place to live so you get extra from your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

Most web hosting sites, such as GoDaddy, have sections where you can re-sell web domains. Known as flipping domains, this process involves purchasing domains and re-selling them at a higher price. If a website becomes popular, you may be able to buy a domain with a similar name and re-sell it to the same company for a bit more. You can also park a domain. That is, you can buy a domain, populate it with traffic and sell it to someone looking to make some extra money, too.

An affiliate seller is someone who sells or advertises on behalf of someone else for a percentage of sales. For example, the Amazon Associates Program lets you earn money by advertising Amazon products. You can place ads for Amazon items on your blog, social media accounts, website and other online platforms. Each time someone follows one of your links and makes a purchase, you earn money.

You can write novels or non-fiction books about any subject of interest to you. As long as your e-books remain online, you can earn money, even years after you’ve written them. If you don’t want to take the time to write your own books, you can hire a ghostwriter on Craigslist or ODesk and pay them a flat fee for writing and formatting the book for you. Then, you can sell the book for profit.

Check listings on Craigslist and the local papers. Many businesses and individuals are looking for someone to help them with one task for another. For example, a neighbor may be willing to pay for transportation to medical appointments every week, or someone may need help with their garden every weekend. Chances are, there’s a variety of one-time and ongoing service needs in your own community.