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My blog – orthodontist

These spots called white spot lesions (WSLs) appear lighter than the surrounding tooth enamel due to mineral loss just beneath the surface. This happens because bacterial or food acids have contacted the enamel surface for too long and dissolved the

Mummy – gluten free, paleo desserts – gluten free recipes paleo recipes sugar free recipes healthy desserts

This year for her 3 rd birthday Miss L picked an Elsa Cake. This will come as no surprise to the people that know her. She loves Frozen and takes a lot of pride in the fact that both she

Secret tips other crafters don’t want you to know

Perhaps you are thinking about participating in this year’s annual craft event? You know you have a great hand made craft and you did have some success at the church bizarre last past spring selling your crafts, but are you

This day in history

Firepower, cavalry, disease, superstition and neighboring Indian tribes who detested the Aztecs (probably the most important factor) were more than enough for Cortes and his meager band of Spaniards to overwhelm the greatest nation in the New World…It’s a story

Homemade gyro meat and gyros – foodie with family

You know when you get stuck thinking about a certain food and that’s all you can think about eating? For example, take gyros. I drove to the city and went out for lunch at a Mediterranean eatery with my mom,

Nefesh the international network of orthodox mental health professionals

The parenting factor is a crucial one in a child’s success in school, particularly in the early years. For the typical child, the parent’s input, style, attitudes, and expectations can help determine whether a child will be successful in the

Most of your sodium isn’t coming from your salt shaker popular science

More than 4 out of every 10 Americans are avoiding salt, but a lot of us are doing it wrong. We often think that to reduce our sodium intake, we should nix the shaker. The reality is that even if

Most common interview questions and answers (reviewed august 2018)

Prior to the interview, divide a piece of paper into three columns, and group your skills under these headings: knowledge-based skills (acquired through experience in education or work, e.g. degrees and certificates, languages, IT skills); transferable skills (what you bring

Commercial property boone county pva

The Boone County PVA is responsible for applying a fair and equitable assessment to about 2,500 commercial properties in Boone County as of January 1st of each year. Our office takes great pride in ensuring an accurate assessment is made

Environmental manager – ses – 64029612

Provides supervision for subordinate professional employees within the Taylor and Wakulla county geographical area. Provides evaluation and technical review of their field work, inspections and reports as required in the following facility programs: food hygiene, food-borne outbreaks, water pollution, beach

10 Year blogiversary party – food storage made easy

This summer marks the TENTH year of us starting our blog over at Food Storage Made Easy. You can check out our very first blog post here where we pointed out that we were “dummies” about all things food storage

10 Tips on how to get rid of mites – home remedies

Mites are closely related to ticks and that makes them tiny arthropods belonging to the subclass Acari, which is why sometimes they’re called Acariens, class Arachnids. This means they are cousins with the spider. What’s interesting about them is that

Financial aid 101 how work-study works university of wisconsin-oshkosh (uw oshkosh) news

In order to qualify for work-study, you’ll first have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. You’ll be able to indicate on your FAFSA that you want to be considered for work-study; however, your ultimate

Extension timedmediahandler – mediawiki

[[File:Video.ogv|File:Video.ogv]] Display a video at its nominal size. Displays a still image from the midpoint with a play button to start an embedded player. [[File:Audio.oga|File:Audio.oga]] Show a placeholder for a sound file, with a play button to start an embedded

Sweater series the updates continue – raw charge

This is the most used number in Lightning history. Sixteen players have donned the number “6” and until recently it’s been quite a revolving door. When this series first ran, Kurtis Foster had the honor of being highlighted more so

The 37 best hobbies that make money (with examples)

At the heart of making money from your hobby is creating a website about your passionate hobby. Look, you may be the best horse back rider in the world. But if nobody knows who you are, nobody will care. If