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Does chapter 11b apply to medical office buildings certified access specialist institute

This throws some readers into a false notion that the entire section 11B-223 is all about ‘licensed’ facilities ‘where the period of stay exceeds 24 hours’. They frequently argue that a medical office building is not a ‘licensed’ facility, and

2017 Second worst for global tropical forest loss – climate council

2017 was the second-worst year on record for global tropical tree cover loss, according to new data released by the University of Maryland, USA. [1] 39 million acres (157,827 square kilometres) of tree cover was lost in total throughout 2017

2016 Honda pioneer 1000-5, honda side by side utv driver

While the Pioneer 1000 is new, the road that led to it is long. Honda has been at the forefront of the ATV market since 1970, when it offered the three-wheel US90 (later to be called the ATC90), and its

2 Days in athens – what to see and do in 48 hours in athens

Syntagma Square – Bought a koulouri or two from the seller opposite the entrance, and had a look at the square. Explained that this is where the majority of the political protests and demonstrations take place. Obligatory photo by the fountain,

Liberals are so easily fooled. page 3 – forum for us and intl politics

I agree that regulations were a serious problem – this is perhaps a gullibility issue on the part of the Dems but, speaks not to any of my points in relation to the gullibility of Republicans. Trump put 600 Billion

Brics continuation of neoliberal machine – the daily vox

The Brics Summit is taking place from July 25 to 27 in Johannesburg, South Africa. BRICS is made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The Summit is the Brics countries meeting with each other to discuss policies

World fragrance – givaudan fragrance in products

Brazil, the melting pot of Latin America With USD 300 billion spent on infrastructure for the 2014 Football World Cup, Brazil has enjoyed a huge period of growth and is currently one of the fastest growing markets in Latin America.

Butter basil and breadcrumbs – simple. rustic. delish. life is good.

Honestly, My mom makes the best Biscotti. While I didn’t add them here, she’ll add a teaspoon of anise seed once in a while. I love that, because when you bite into a seed, the sweet burst of anise is

14 August 2018 paxsims

Day 1 of my visit started with a presentation on wargaming and forecasting ( slides/pdf). Wargamers often intone that “wargamers are not predictions,” largely so that clients and participants will not hold games to an unreasonable standard of predictive accuracy. However,

Natural causes of global warming

Many people have the perception that global warming is mainly the result of pollution and the increase in green house gasses produced by the human beings. They might not be aware that there are other natural global warming causes. These

How to make your own custom diy body scrub discount health foods

As someone who is well versed in the world of green beauty with clean ingredients and no stranger to homemade products, I can think up more than a few dozen recipes for making your own DIY body scrub. A simple

Dust in space 10 cool things to know space earthsky

Dust grains come in a range of sizes, which affects their properties. Particles can be extremely tiny, from only a few tens of nanometers (mere billionths of a meter) wide, to nearly a millimeter wide. As you might expect, smaller

10 States with the fastest rate of job growth, 2018

Labor markets are tight, and businesses are struggling to hire and keep workers, as Oregon’s thriving economy generates rising demand for workers in fields as diverse as construction and healthcare. Oregon has a vibrant services sector that includes activities ranging

10 Ways you can help reduce climate change – warming world coalition

Replace your most frequently used light fixtures or light bulbs with ones that have an energy efficiency endorsement label such as Energy Star, Procel, Conpet or Fide (depending on your country). Energy efficient products will help the environment while saving

10 Reasons why you need to have petroleum jelly in your stockpile – ask a prepper

Petroleum Jelly (or Vaseline) is one of the best items to put into your bug-out-bag, bunker, or whatever you use to stockpile. When prepping it is important, to minimize space and get the best value from your investment, to pick

Shoshiplatypus woyww 481 felt, crochet and sourdough

To add a bit of variety, I thought I’d do a few crochet embellishments as well, so after a quick search on Youtube I found some very nice flower patterns, which I haven’t started yet, and this delightful Dutch video