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Online teachers need to work with all the technical aspects of e-learning while still delivering great content to their students. It’s hard work! But, also rewarding. It’s a great moment when your student learns a new word or a new skill, isn’t it? To make sure you get that feeling more often, we’ve put together 16 online teaching tips to prepare and deliver lessons. These online teaching tips are here to help you be the best online teacher you can. And there are more tips to come!

E-learning has its own world of tools and platforms all with the goal of helping the teacher, the student, and the institution. Since each online school, institution and company have their own platform, we’re not going into specifics of each platform. The important tip here, regardless the tools you have to work with, is to learn everything you can about them.

TIP #2 Teach students to use the E-learning platform

For example, if you send out emails to your students, get an email automation tool that can do it for you, like MailChimp, Get Response or any of the other hundreds out there. Or, if you always have to do repetitive tasks on different apps, maybe a tool like IFTTT (If This Then That) can help. They have thousands of combinations that allow your apps and devices to work together. An example is setting it up to create a calendar event when you make a note on a different document.

Having a live video software can expand your possibilities when teaching online and help you be more productive. ManyCam, for example, allows you to add all kinds of effects, multiple video, and audio sources, playlists etc. You can also easily share your entire screen or custom areas of it and with the hotkeys, you can quickly control ManyCam during your online class.

When you have a clear outline of the entire course you are offering, it will be easier for you to create each class. You can share it with students or their parents to set the right expectations. Keep some things up your sleeve, to make sure you over deliver and exceed all expectations. This will play a huge role in your success as an online teacher, where reviews and feedback are so important. TIP #10 Have a clear outline of each class

After creating an outline of your course, you should create one for each class. These outlines will help you stay on track and keep everything organized. Also, it gives you a good introduction to each class. It can help keep your students engaged until the end when the last thing on your outline caught their eyes. TIP #11 Create live content consistently to increase engagement

“The many advantages of “anytime, anyplace” education can also present challenges for both learner and instructor in time management and operation. Establishing and maintaining a predictable pattern of course studies can serve the learner by providing a foundation for planning other life activities.” – Dr. Lawrence C. Ragan, Director of Instructional Design and Development for Penn State’s World Campus TIP #13 Plan different activities to keep students focused

Varying the activities in class will help you keep your students engaged with your content and can help them learn better. We’ve seen teachers coming up with fun games, with objects and effects on ManyCam to encourage their students’ participation. You can also create competitions with giveaways and prizes to motivate them. TIP #14 Prepare extra resources they are not expecting

To connect with your students, share your own success AND failure stories. It allows them to identify with you and encourages them to keep going, even if it’s hard. It’s a great motivation to know that your teacher also went through some of the challenges you’re facing. So, let them know they are not alone. TIP #16 What’s the lessons’ takeaway?

And after all the 16 online teaching tips we laid out here, what should your takeaway be? The importance of preparation. Preparation is key to be a great online teacher. Preparing for each lesson will help them flow better, improve your performance and set the right expectations. When you put these online teaching tips in action, you’ll feel more at ease before each class because you’ll know that you’ve done everything you could to give your students a great lesson.

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