15 Best youth baseball gloves dugout debate

We couldn’t complete our top picks list without including a Nokona glove. The Nokona Alpha Select S200 Youth Glove is the kind of mitt that distinguishes the young athlete from the crowd. Not only is it a good looking glove, it is built to last. This glove is constructed with American sourced top grain Steerhide (Nokona’s proprietary Stampede leather) and Buffalo leather.

Nokona is one of the last glove manufacturers not to shift their manufacturing overseas. All their gloves are still made in Nocona, in the heart of Texas, each individually handcrafted. Their gloves are backed by a full 1 year warranty, but are made to last much longer than that. This lightweight, durable, high performance glove is ready for play off the shelf. Glove Guide Part I: Top Three Mistakes People Make Selecting a Youth Glove

This is the most common problem found in youth leagues—ill-fitting gloves. It’s difficult to get a glove too small because obviously the player will have a hard time getting their hand into it. It’s much easier to select a glove that is too large. This will result in a loose fit, with the hand slipping around inside of the glove which makes life a lot harder. For example: when trying to field a fast moving ground ball.

For a younger player, parents will be tempted to buy something a little too big so the kid doesn’t outgrow it in a year. We caution against this because a poor fitting glove will make it difficult for the player to open and close the pocket easily. This makes catching difficult as the ball will just hit the back of the glove and roll down the palm. 2. The Glove is Poorly Constructed

You don’t need to buy the most expensive brand name glove with the coolest looking design but making a deliberate purchase is better than relying on luck. Sometimes, a used glove from an older kid who’s outgrown it is a great option. A used glove will already be broken in and ready to go, which brings us to our final point. 3. The Glove is Too Stiff

There are many tricks to breaking in a baseball glove. Many people have a variety of opinions and the best way to break in a baseball glove. The bottom line is the absolute best way to break in a baseball glove is just to use it as much as possible. But there are a few of the most effective methods that speed up the process that have become the most popular over the years we will discuss. Using A Glove Steamer to Break in Your Baseball Glove

One of the relatively newer methods is using a steamer. These are sometimes found in athletic goods stores and it takes about 15 minutes for the glove steam treatment. They claim it makes a glove game ready, and it definitely helps the leather loosen up, but it’s not going to be as good as a glove broken in over a season of catches. Using Glove Oils and Conditioners to Break in Your Baseball Glove

If you don’t have access to a glove steamer, the next best thing is glove conditioners and oils. The more expensive conditioners are concentrated formulas, making the solution more of a cream than a liquid. This allows you to uniformly spread the oil over your glove. It only takes very little to cover the whole glove, and can be re-applied for even better results.