10 Crucial things you need to know (bigcommerce reviews) aug 18

When choosing the right e-commerce builder, one of the first things we want to understand is what template designs are available. Showing what templates are available is a pretty standard practice for all website builders on the internet. The only way to see any previews or demo sites is to search through BigCommerce’s blog where they do announce new template releases. But this only includes the recent new template releases and not their entire collection. Searching through the blog to look at some of the newer templates is just extra work that we don’t find helpful.

Although they offer 24/7 support via email and Live Chat, BigCommerce is yet to offer 24/7 phone support. However, if you really want to be able to call someone, you can always call a phone support number that is not toll-free from the country you are based in.

So in a way, BigCommerce always has phone support available given global time zone differences, but if you live in North America and will have to call Australia for support, long distance charges will apply.

Example: I wanted some simple functionality that ironically enough Magento, Woo and so many others offered for anywhere between 50-100 dollars as an add-on but one of the biggest developers for Shopify tells me that it might behoove me to go with the ShopifyPlus in order to get that! So I’d have to spend countless thousands in order to get one little thing? No thanks! And transaction fees are a slap in the face, too.

So I went on a quest for something that had a better back end and easier csv import/export and ironic as it may sound I tried BigCommerce out to see what all the fuss was and whether all the criticisms were warranted. First of all the back end offers up plenty of tools and functionality so the csv import of my Shopify csv file was brain-damaged simple to do with field mappings that were clear and easy to implement. I’ve literally spent hours over and over again trying to get Shopify to recognize a csv export from Magento without burping and dying. BigCommerce isn’t nearly as fussy and worked right away. Even pulling images off of my Shopify store and importing them into my products. That was nice.

Where BC could use improvement is in the bulk editing department. So while it allows me to do a filtered search it won’t allow me to bulk edit change in one go the categories or brands instead you have to individually reassign categories or do another csv import and change those items that way. Its doable but a pain. There are other shortcomings but it’s late and I’ve run out of steam. So far I’m only using the demo and I’m discovering things all the time.

1. There have been several features merchants have been requesting them since years back. But they have never implemented the same. For example – ability to set Custom Order Status. They spend their time and resources on developing features that can attract new customers, but are least bothered about implementing features existing customers are yearning to have.

Shopify has a very efficient simple way to organize various elements for your home page, on browser itself. With stencil all you can do is change colors, and size of elements on browser. for everything else you need to download theme, do offline edits and then re-upload. The process looks very rudimentary and you are stuck having to book developer everytime small changes are required.

7. Checkout process is very old-fashioned with accordion kind of view. Customers cant see which products they bought on the checkout page, which results in lot of lost conversions. Company has introduced a new check-out page, but it is limited to few payment processors and currencies. I still don’t understand the point why it cant be rolled out for everyone irrespective.

8. Product Filters or faceted search is heart of ecommerce. It allows customers to find their products quickly, and it goes without saying that its a must-have feature. Bigcommerce was very late to understand and implemented this after thousands of merchants requested them for it. But they saw an opportunity and pain point, and capitalized on it by offering it only on their high-end plans.

My first impressions were good and I was pleased to see the theme style editor but after I changed the colours I noticed that much of the theme was still in the old ones. I spent hours going through template files changing instances of the old colour. Then I installed WebDAV and connected so I could download and edit the coloured images and replace the old ones. Eventually got it working but I have to say the theme files are a mess, poorly structured and poorly documented. They say you can move panels around but some behaviour happens in sub files called snipppits which throws things off. Nowere could I find a comprehensive list of global variables.

I could forgive the initial theme problems but when I used product level custom fields my problems started again. The short text, single line inputs take up far too much screen space and I need 10 of them So, I used the textarea type and had two boxes which I instruct customers to type 5 lines of text in to. Its a compromise but one I can live with. Everything was fine until I placed an order and found that the newlines in the textarea are reported as spaces so I can’t tell what text was on each line.

I spent several hours trawling the templates but could not solve the problem so I spoke to tech support who replyed taht I should just use short text fields. I pressed them and they said taht there was nothing they could do although a template change might fix the problem and that I should use one of there expert partners as $80/h – which I cannot afford. BC tech support does not get it – they just don’t seem to care.

Their transparency is terrible. They cannot provide dates on rectifying SEVERE bugs, some of which we reported up to a few years ago. Their priorities amaze us. A lot of their support is outsourced to Eastern Europe and the Philippines who do their absolute best to not ESCALATE tickets when they are BUGS. I have been told a few times on bugs that “this hasn’t been reported by others”, implying that certain bugs reported are simply not bugs and it is somehow user error.

System administrators who are the only ones that can resolve issues only work during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 til 5 – they do not have shifts despite claiming to be a near 24 / 7 company). Their system administrators also take ages to respond to all their hundreds of escalated tickets, mostly presumably containing bugs. They will write “reports” in the USA for their engineering team in Sydney to follow up on. You will never hear an outcome. You will never know when or even if it will be sorted. None of them can provide resolution times. Their new features pending always end up taking months longer than anticipated.

After being their customer for many years, i am totally disappointed at BigCommerce especially as they try to milk the accounts. Now we cannot install our own EV SSL unless we upgrade to a plan that pays them thousands per year, and also pay 2.5x the fee for an EV SSL from them. I had to cancel my EV SSL that i purchased with GoDaddy for half the price. Complete monopoly and they should be sued for anti-trust anti-competitive behavior. Next stop they will want to share your revenue if you do not use their partner credit card processing system. This is a free country i install whichever SSL i want, i use whichever merchant service i want, BigCommerce is not to be trusted it anymore. I have been their customer since their interspire day, and today i am pissed off. Steer away from it. I am a current customer and none paid me to write this. I am truly angry and they are trying to fix their free SSL which is not working on my website. zero orders today and tomorrow to please their greedy management.