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I work customer service so i am always kind to whom i am speaking to and i know how it should work. I called to get flood insurance. Our original quote was good but when we called to pay it had went up 100 dollars. I didn’t bring it up because i just wanted to be done. We then had to up our coverage to meet the mortgage companies standards. I’ve spent over 5 hours on the phone with different people (mostly on hold). I was on the phone for over an hour one time only to be told i would have to speak to a different department that would call or email me. I waited 3 days and no one called or emailed me. I called to see what the cost to be if we changed our deductible. After being on hold for about 20 minutes the lady straight up told me no they couldn’t give me a quote.

I asked if someone else could and she said maybe later in the week. I called another time to pay my bill and the lady couldn’t find my policy, even though i had the policy number. Because we were at our due date for the mortgage company we went with nationwide even though i really did not want to. After all that i tried to pay my remaining balance and they added another 100 to it! Definitely switching companies as soon as possible. Never again. The only person that was helpful and i had any confidence worked for the flood division. Completely separate from nationwide.

I had auto and renter’s insurance through Nationwide and after giving them at least ten chances to get their act together, I switched. The customer service was friendly, but I encountered major issues from get-go, such as them neglecting to notify me that they had changed policy numbers (I found out when my loan company called me concerned that my insurance was canceled), this took at least 6 phone calls to fix.

after a few months of keeping a close eye on it, I thought all had been resolved, and I decided to add renter’s insurance to my policy. After an hour on the phone answering questions about my new apartment, I asked to verify that the address being insured was my new address and not my current one (I needed the proof of insurance before I could officially accept my new apartment). The rep assured me it was correct, but sure enough all of the documentation was for my previous address. I called and corrected this multiple tiems and kept getting the wrong address. Finally it was escalated and a supervisor assured me that I needed to sign the documents regardless of the address listed. This seemed wrong to me, but I did it.

Then a month later I got a letter saying that my address was uninsurable due to a fire code policy, and after two phone calls and another 48 hours of wait time, I was told it was because I was too far from a fire station. (I can walk to two of them). said they would send someone to verify, but two weeks later I got an email asking to take pictures of all four walls of apartment as well as the outside. I canceled and started shopping.

I went with them because they were cheaper than others, but after I closed on the house and they sent someone to "analyze" the property, I get this letter saying they are cancelling if I don’t paint the soffits and get the moss (which was really only a few lykens on a "portion" of the roof) off the roof shingles. I "JUST" had closed on the house!!! Somebody must have smoked a few before coming to assess this because It was February in New England! First off, how do they think ANYONE can get that done in a week! Secondly, how do they think PAINT will dry in 20 degree weather, or powerwashing the roof can be done without freezing! Someone there is definitely smoking something… I had planned to do all these things when spring had actually arrived! I’m not even going to go through the BS of getting someone to provide a contract saying they will be able to work on it on such and such a date. They also upped my coverage to almost 100K more giving me some BS about how it will take that much to rebuild, when there are places twice the size of my mere 2 family that are being assessed for MUCH less. This whole thing was sketchy, and from what I hear, is a regular thing with how they do business and get more money out of people after they sucker them in…

So here is the deal. I was with Nationwide for three years. Every six months, when they renewed my policy, they increased my cost at least by 20 dollars. But I kept continue and did not say anything, until my insurance expired on May 31. I was waiting for an updated insurance card to arrive. Finally, I got impatience and went a Nationwide office on May 26 to get my updated card. The agent told me that still I have a few days and the new card will come until May 31. I waited again, but never received the new card and finally I called Nationwide on May 31 at the end of the day. First, she put me on hold for several minutes and finally she said my policy was cancelled. I was so shocked and said who did cancel my policy. She said you had accidents that is why we cancelled it. Since both accidents were not my fault and I have police report to prove my innocence, I told the lady that it was not my fault and I have the police reports to prove my claim. Guess what she said it DOES NOT MATTER, ACCIDENTS ARE ACCIDENTS. They report both accidents under my name in my driver record. Now, my insurance goes to the roof for this reason and every company says I was uninsured for two days and that is a problem. This company is totally fraud and dishonest. This country has government and laws and should stop such atrocity. First they cancelled my policy without giving me a notice to find another company and secondly they destroyed my record by giving false information. I advise anyone to stay away from this fraudulent company. Pay a few more bucks to another company and stay away from this bogus company. Nationwide will never be on your side, remember this.

i’ve been with a lot of insurance companies since I came to U.S 20 years ago, but this is the first time I wanted to give comment to nationwide insurance company, because they did a really good job to serve their customers when the customers needed them . Within 2 years , there were too many things happened to us. We had to file claim Insurances for car accident, hail damage to our car, our house….I got worry to bother them all the time, but their customer services are excellent beyond my expectations, and they made me feel confident to explain my situations, not like other insurance companies . Specially Engin Calvin was the one who helped us to go thru the hail issue for our house. She explained things clearly , reasonable , and fast respond all the time when we had questions or problems. Because of Nationwide insurance customer services we had experiences so far, and because of the way Engin work, I believe that I will stay with this insurance company for a long time no matter what , because they sure were on my side when I needed them go thru a lot of unlucky moment and weather disaster in the past .

I chose Nationwide because Liberty Mutual had done a terrible job with a homeowners claim (Wind Damage). I read that Nationwide was great with claims and customer service, so I thought this would be an ideal fit. After one year with them with no claims, they doubled my yearly rate. Secondly, I bought a new car for my daughter, called them that day for a binder to which they told me "you are fine, we will note your account and call us when you’ve disposed of the disabled vehicle, as you have 10 days." Big mistake on my part, because the Maryland MVA then sent me a letter saying I didn’t have coverage on the new car for 5 days so I needed an FR19 (I’ve NEVER been without coverage in my 30 years of driving). I called Nationwide and they said they couldn’t help me because even though I called to get a binder, they had not done it and it was not their problem. Long story short, I had to file a claim with the Maryland Insurance Commission, and THEN Nationwide fixed the issue. Unfortunately, I’m STILL dealing with Nationwide’s screw up because the MVA is asking for another FR19 when I changed this year. To not even have a claim with them, and deal with this many issues with incompetent staff is crazy. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I needed to file a claim and certainly on that one vehicle, I probably would have been denied because they didn’t bind the vehicle when I called from the dealer. NEVER again!

I have had Nationwide since 1989. In that time I filed for 2 wind damage claims and 2 vehicle vehicle claims, one of which was due to a deer running out in front of my son’s truck, the other from swerving to avoid an accident resulting in some minor damage from leaving the road. In all 4 cases NW paid for the damages. I could not tell enough people about my satisfaction with the company. But since high winds took down a fence just over a year ago my rates have risen quite a bit. It took a month for an adjuster to come out but that was because there was a lot of damage in the area that was worse than mine, so I could understand that. I’ve been shopping around for better rates, but I thought I’d give NW a chance to give me better quotes. They lowered my auto by $200 a year buy issuing a new policy, but when we tried the same for home it doubled from $1400 a year to $2800. I have been told that I am paying the price for making a claim on that fence. Quotes from Allstate as well as others are a third of that. One policy would save me $2400 a year compared to NW. Yes, their service has been great, but being dinged due to an act of God and their relatively high rates has got me looking around for a better deal with a highly rated company as well. It gets to a point where you have to find a balance between service and cost.