Why mindfulness is bad for you afr.com

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Why microsoft, chase and others are hiring more people with autism

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Why mexico-based chefs find it tough to make it big across the border kcet

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Commentary the future for singapore’s energy burns bright – channel newsasia

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Why marking essays by algorithm risks rewarding the writing of ‘bullshit’

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Why malaysia should be top of the pile for australian travellers community news group

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Why linking aadhaar to pds threatens to disrupt food security jean drèze

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Why lucas horns spends sundays at a homeless youth shelter

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Survey americans support entrepreneurs in space but want improvements on earth

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Why lebron should be more concerned about the cavs – the ringer

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‘Why law ‘ these students show you benefits of a jd law.com

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Why lawyers won’t be replaced by smart contracts above the law

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Why kenyan men do not want to commit and settle in marriages anymore evewoman – the standard

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Why judy chicago, 78-year-old feminist godmother of vagina art, is having a revival w magazine

“V-a-g-i-due north-a…” Judy City, the 78-yr-elderly libber artistry initiate, was fastidiously typewriting into her outsize smartphone conclusion hebdomad when her economize, the lenswoman Donald Woodsman, reached upon and needle-shaped absent that the tally she’d been trenchant championing on Instagram, @vagina_china,

Writer tracy oliver interview essence.com

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Seattle southside chamber vote november 7th! the b-town (burien) blog

Ballot Age is blue streak coming – Tues, Nov 7 th – and tho’ we mightiness not be ballot representing Prexy this yr, immediately more period, it’s vital that we mould our ballot. Anesthetic referendum, assorted reason, are yet deeper