Tea in the ancient world lessons learned from another open bangkok tea tasting

I held a second free, open tea tasting at the Dusit Zoo this past weekend. That went well. It’s kind of a strange theme but the point of these is just to share tea. I don’t sell tea, and don’t

Novels for grades 6 – 10 – novels for esl students – libguides at spokane community college

Peter Pan, the book based on J. M. Barrie’s famous play, is filled with unforgettable characters: Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up; the fairy, Tinker Bell; the evil pirate, Captain Hook; and the three children-Wendy, John, and

Now the wait begins dodge challenger forum

As for a burnout, unless you have drag radials it isn’t needed as street tires work better cold. Simply drive around the water and burnout box, back up till you’re almost in the damp area and give the tires a

Pga championship 2018 frequently asked questions – golf digest

This time a year ago, the short-term future of the PGA Championship was still uncertain, with rumblings about the PGA of America weighing a possible move of its oldest event from its traditional August spot on the calendar to May.

Possum sensualitease

He leaned in close, holding his breath until he was millimetres from her ear. Exhaling gently, his cock grew harder when she shivered. His breath, heat turned to ice crystals in the chill air, condensed on her lobe. Running a

Noaa crsra licensing

The process to apply for a license to operate a private remote sensing space systems is described in the regulations 15 CFR Section 960.4. This section outlines license application instructions. Additional information regarding the content of a license application has

No knead bread redux! – that other cooking blog

Before embarking on another bread project I revisited my Bouchon book and there was a critical piece of information that I somehow missed before. The size of the air pockets is somewhat dictated by the amount of kneading. More kneading

No farmed armenians

The issue is the paucity of Armenians who have been elected to federal office who are products of our ‘farm team”, to borrow a term from baseball. The term refers to a lesser team (associated with a well-known team) where

Seen and heard evoken, benighted, kāla – no clean singing

After three premieres today, we’re nearing the end of our normal posting hours, and I find myself with just enough time to quickly assemble a shorter-than-usual round-up. Tomorrow will probably be a fairly barren day around here, because I’m leaving

The 10 best sites for market research – alexa blog

As a brand or business, it’s not enough for you to intimately know your products and services. You also have to know your industry and customers inside and out if you want to achieve the highest level of success. To

Summer program begins for plantersville children news southstrandnews.com

Although the kids had cleaned out their desks and turned in their traditional textbooks just days before, the student’s hunger for more education got them out of bed early on the first Monday of summer vacation. Over 250 children converged

Field guide to the north american beta reader – kristen lamb

The Beta Critic takes a good thing like tough love and strips it of the ‘love.’ They turn blunt honesty into blunt-force trauma in order bolster their own insecure egos by breaking down someone else’s. Even if they promise us

3 Best vpn for streaming american tv shows while traveling abroad

So how do you counter this? Well, thanks to VPN (virtual private network) services, you can easily bypass these restrictions and enjoy the content abroad just as you would in the U.S. But as with any other tech related service,

South carolina federal court blocks trump epa attempt to suspend clean water rule legal planet

Today, Hon. David Norton of the Federal District Court for the District of South Carolina (an appointee of George H. W. Bush) issued a nationwide injunction barring the implementation of the so-called “ Suspension Rule” that effectively rescinded the Waters

Nyse rate of change (roc)©

The NYSE Rate of Change (ROC) chart is helpful in getting the “big picture” of the stock market very quickly. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very applicable to this chart. Once you understand how

Gamescom 2018 quick hits dying light 2, hitman 2, and more – game informer

Blacksad isn’t an incredibly popular comic in the U.S., but maybe it should be. This Spanish graphic novel series takes popular noir tropes and retells them using gorgeous paintings of 1950s Americana. Oh, and all the people are animals. The